The Who?

Ever wonder how some bands get their weird names, that make no sense to anyone except them?  Here are a few of those bands.

Procul Harum: Named after a friend’s kitten,it’s Latin for “Beyond All Things”.

The Bottomtown Rats: Named after a gang in Woddy Guthrie’s autobiography Bound for glory.

Generation X: Singer Billy Idol got the name from the title of mid 1960s book of his mother. It was a sociological essay about gangs in the U.K, called the Rockers and The Mods.

10 000 Maniacs: One of the band members watched the movie 2,000 Maniacs, the cult horror film but misunderstood the title.

Foo Fighters
: World War II fighter pilot slang for UFOs.

Rage Against The Machine: It refers to the rage of the ordinary man against the big corporation that control our world.

Hot Tuna: Orignally Hot Sh*T but the label decided to change the second word.

Pearl Jam: Singer Eddie Vedder’s aunt’s name was Pearl and she made some very good jam.

Beastie Boys
: Beastie is suppose to stand for Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Inner Excellence.

DEVO: An abbreviation for de-evolution, which what the band members believe is currently happening.

REM: REM stands for rapid eye movement, the phase of sleep where dreams occur.

331 : The police code of indecent exposure in California.

The Who:
When the band first emerged they didn’t know what to name themselves. Eachtime someone proposed something they said “The who??” jokingly. Until some friend of theirs said “Why not just call yourselves The Who”.