The Useless Superpowers and Superheroes

Everyone has at one point dreamed of having some sort of superpower, some of us have looked up to these superheroes of inspiration to be good. There are so many comic books which means there are so many superheroes and villains. At some point the comic book writers start running out of ideas. Which in fact has been happening for decades now. Here are the worst results of that lack of creativity. Superheroes and superpowers you wish you didn’t even have in your dreams.

Matter Eater Lad

What’s this man’s power you ask? Well he has the super power of eating anything. Oh that’s great you say that he can eat any villain? Well actually Matter Eater Lad has one iron rule and that’s to never eat a human. So unless the big villain is a cow he will not eat him no matter what, even if the villain is about to blow up the planet. He is a part of a group of superheroes known as The Legion of Superheroes, hes called when they need somebody to eat an electric fence or an unbreakable door. He doesn’t get many calls by the Legion.

Color Kid

Not only is Color Kid top 5 in the realm of worst superheroes, he is also top 5 for the worst design for a superheros. He looks like a 12 year old kid who goes to way too many rave parties. Actually that’s the only place his power would be useful and in traffic. What is his power you ask? He can change the color of ANYTHING, yes that’s amazing isn’t? He probably owns the number one house painting organization in the galaxy. Which other superhero can boast that?


Cyper has the ability to decrypte, understand any language or secret code. What a nice superpower…wait normal people actually do that as a living why does this guy get to be a superhero? Well it’s because he hangs out with X-Men, somehow he infiltrated their ranks and made them believe that cyphering things is a superpower. It’s alright he can help us understand the Morse code.


One of the wonder twins, Zane has the exceptionally ability to turn himself into water, ice and steam. How does that save or solve anything? I don’t know. His twin sister can turn into an animal, we know which one got the better deal. Turning into water will not stop the end of the world but at least he can clench someone’s thirst.