The Solution Of AC Leaks

When the heat is so strong, especially in some parts of the world more than others, an air conditioner is essential for a comfortable time at home for you and your family.

AC Leaks are one of the major problems in most households at this time of the year. The AC leaking can be easily stopped if you’re willing to go through a bit of a work.

Instead of calling AC Repair companies you can solve the problem yourself which is a lot more cost effective(even if you have a repair contract with the retailer/manufacturer the chances are your going to be paying a handsome sum to someone).

What Causes AC Leaks?

There are many internal issues that can cause an air conditioner to leak. If you can’t find out what is yours, you might need to call a air conditioner service.

The best situation would be to avoid that, here are some of the air conditioning problems.

  • Hot Air Infiltration

This one is the most common problems, if your ac was installed professionally I doubt the problem was the following so you just might want to skip it.

If water is dripping from the front side(the side with the controls). The problem here is that the warm air from outside is coming inside once it goes in the AC, the cold air and warm air will meet.

Thus creating condensation which will create small liquid drops. Now the water drops will drip on the drain pan and leak downwards, probably falling on your floor, creating a mess.

Like I said if a professional installed the AC this might not occur unless they missed a spot where the warm air could come in from.

The Solution: Whatever that is blocking holes around your AC, use that on the spot where the warm wind is coming from. Usually the material is foam insulation, you get it with the AC product. If you can’t find any use anything else that could cover the area required.

The problem often strikes on new ACs, other problems that require cleaning the dirt on the drain pan are often occurred on much older ACs.

Note(North America): If you have a Danby Air Conditioner, it’s leaking and it’s new this just might be the problem. I have many friends who have had such problems with Danby ACs(who leak notoriously quick).

  • Internal Issues(Drain Hole Block, Dirt on The Drain Pan/AC Vents)

For the previous problem, you didn’t need to remove the AC from the window, but this one requires a bit more effort and work.

The two other most common problems are Drain Hole Block and a Dirty Drain Pan which is the front of the ac(you can just remove it manually on most ACs).

The Drain Hole is what lets the water escape from the back. If it gets block, the water keeps increasing and it gets to an amount where it floods out from the front. This is a situation you certainly want to avoid(I know by experience).

The Solution: Turn the power off, take the AC outside and put it on something solid like cement, concrete, avoid placing it on dirt or grass.
Take a piece of wood(clean) and open drain holes at the back of the metal machine.

Note: If you think it’s the Drain Pan, just manually remove it, clean it with a hose or an air compressor. This problem occurs with an aging AC more often then not.

I hope this little piece helped you with some of the problems your having with your home air conditioner. Some people might suggest air conditioner tools that might help you clean the drain or clear blockages, such as EasyKlear but I would rather do it myself with materials(hose, air compressor) already at my disposal. If you believe the problem is with the ac compressor I would suggest that you find a ac repair or use your guarantee. The same could be said if a problem happens with the ac condenser.

If I couldn’t help you with your air conditioner problem and you can’t afford ac repair or other ac services, you might want to check other sources on the web. I would recommend checking out the following web pages.

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And if you just want learn a bit more about your air conditioner you can read Energy Quest’s How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

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  1. I have a brand new dan y portable a unit that has been installed for less than 48 hours. The external drain hose as very little water however beside the unit my carpet is soaked. Where would this be coming from, like I said this is a brand new unit.

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