The seven seas

I know that some of my readers know me and my GF love watching Bollywod Movies, I know some are crappy but most of them are good movies and fun to watch. To be honest I am so fed up with Hollywood movies, for me hindi movies are a lot funnier than hollywood. Although I must say the translations are done very poorly that is what my friend from Delhi tells me but anyways back to the post, if you guys/gurlz watch bollywood movies, you must have noticed something that is, indian movies got lots of songs, they are full of songs, even serious scenes end up with songs, which I think is fun and something creative but what I have realized is that most of their songs talk about love. And what is funny that its always something like this “I will find you even if you go seven seas far”, I will come after you even if it takes seven seas. Now what is seven seas? Anyone knows it? Well here is the list of seven seas which I think the bollywood songs talk about.. If you like it share it please..

1. North Pacific Ocean

2. South Pacific Ocean

3. North Atlantic Ocean

4. South Atlantic Ocean

5. Arctic Ocean

6. Antarctic Ocean

7. Indian Ocean