The seven last plagues or 7 last plagues

I love talking about religion as it is one of my favorite topics. Specially when it comes to talking to a religious guy it is always fun to ask these questions just to know how much of a religious person are they. Today’s post will layout the last seven plagues. You can find more about 7 plagues here, but for the time being I will just list them so that you can ask your friend when you are in a debate or something and you want to throw him off and win the argument right of the start. So here goes the list of seven plagues.

1. Sores

2. Sea turns to blood

3. Rivers turn to blood

4. People scorched by intense heat of sun

5. Darkness

6. River Euphrates dries up

7. Earthquake

One thought on “The seven last plagues or 7 last plagues”

  1. You’re wrong. The river turning to blood was the first one. The sea never turned to blood, and you forgot about the locusts, lice, frogs, hail, and flies. You have never read the Bible!

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