The Seven Deadly Sins, do you know them?

Common phrase used almost every single day, but the funny thing is that not many know what are the actual seven sins are lol? Yes you would be amazed to know that hardly anyone knows them. Today I thought I would share it with you guys. I know some of my readers are smarty ones but this is for those ones that either dont care or don’t know about it. To be honest I didn’t know the seven sins until last year either. But anyways time to list them. I have included a picture next to each, just for fun.

1. Pride

Moving on to next one —

2. Covetousness

Comes the next one —

3. Lust

After comes —

4. Envy

And moves to —

5. Gluttony

One that most of are always sinful of —

6. Anger

half of population is suffering it —

7. Sloth

My favorite is Sloth lol, it kinda suits me, I am a lazy guy. Hahahaha any comments or thoughts?