The Secret Meanings of Moles in Your Body, Is This True or a Myth?

Moles in the body are believed to have meanings, and they either symbolize good or bad fate. Most of the firm believers in the meaning of moles are the Chinese Taoists who consider moles as signs of good luck of bad luck depending on which part of the body they are located. The size and color of the moles are also meaningful and they connote the future of the human being.

A tiny mole on the feet may signify opportunities for travel, and a dark red dot on the hand is associated to a particular skill or luck. Moles which are located at the shoulder and at the back are interpreted to have some kind of burden a person has to carry in his entire life. When moles are visible in front of the body, they are believed to attract success and good fortune.

If you have mole on the upper chest, it means a happy life with minor problems, but you need to be careful of your health when you reach the age of 50. If the mole is on the tummy, it signifies that your life will be smooth and safe, as well as great fortune awaits you. In this case, the smaller and darker the mole is, the better it is.

In Southeast Asia, believers say that the moles on the body of a person are considered secret stamps brought from the previous life. They are marks of past karma, the wrong doings as well as good deeds, meant as a reminder to the person either to reform or to continue his deeds in the present life. Others claim that moles are secret messages of good fate and misfortune that can lead to a significant turning point in one’s life.

But what if the person does not know the meaning of his moles, how can he rectify or continue his deeds? This is just like asking what if a person does not know the meaning of dark clouds in the sky. Although the first proposition is more of paranormal and the 2nd one is more of science, there are many things on earth which remain uncovered and unexplained, rendering them as plain myths.

People tend to believe only when the effects of a theory are felt, and when they do, it becomes a phenomenon.

Each visible mole on the body signifies a secret meaning, or shows some hidden obstacle to a good life or to receive unexpected help from other people. On certain occasions, the message conveyed by the mole is so significant that it could even be read almost transparently as something that will bring bad luck to the family.

On the other hand, it can also be interpreted as something to revere that whoever has the mole in the family would be highly revered. Different cultures believe that the larger and the more prominent the mole is, the greater its power. Another interpretation is that lighter-colored moles prevent good fortune. Do you believe in this, or it’s a plain myth?

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  1. wanna do good deeds and hav good past life?

    type ‘the sutra of causes and effect of karma’ in google and click on a web page! it’s really good and if you don’t believe then just incase………….

    p.s hope you don’t get spoilt next life :)

  2. hi! i have a mole of light black but not grey coloured on starting point of the round cap of my penis, slightly left oriented. may i know the significance of this wide spot cum mole

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