The Ravishing Beauty of Thailand That Makes it One of the Best Tourist Destinations in Southeast Asia

This land is called the “Land of Smiles” where people smile to welcome foreigners who come to their land as a sign of hospitality and courtesy.  Thais also smile whenever they could hardly perceive conversations in English. Thailand ranks as one of the world’s famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.  If you conduct a survey and ask people what are their top priorities to spend their vacation, you will be surprised to know that Thailand is always included in the list.

But why is it so?  What is the secret of Thailand that makes it a popular tourist spot?  The first reason is the exotic nature that provides a restive atmosphere with terrific view of the sea and healthy green environment.  The next reason may be the well-preserved history and culture of the country where many temples have been built everywhere to practice their religious belief.

In Bangkok alone, you can find a Monk Buddhist Monastery with Monks roaming around the city in their distinctive robes and shaved heads symbolizing the strong inclination of people to spiritual belief.  Another reason is of course the hospitable character of the Thais and the mouth-watering Thai delicacy which is becoming well-sought by Westerners.

Being known as a quick-rising shopper’s paradise, this also induces tourists to visit Bangkok to shop for branded items in open markets and stalls at bargain prices.  Bangkok boasts of Chatuchak as the world’s largest open market.  In fact, many business people travel to Bangkok regularly to buy good quality items at low price which they sell to their homeland for double the price.

If you are in Bangkok, you can drop at the Grand Palace and the Temple of Emerald Buddha to have a glimpse of the country’s historical and cultural heritage.  If you like to visit many temples of different sizes, you can visit Chiang Mai in the north or at Phuket in the south.  Don’t miss the UNESCO declared World Heritage temple, the Ayutthaya which is truly unique in design and ornaments.

Enjoy water activities at the world’s renowned Phuket beaches in the south where the sea is superb.  You can also try Koh Phi Phi which was the site of the movie, “The Beach.”  If you want some exciting thrill in the wilderness, have a trek to the scenic mountains of Chiang Mai and have some friendly encounter with the inhabitants of tiny villages.

Find it out yourself when you set foot on the land.  These are the secrets of Thailand which make it one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.  You will then realize that there are many more attractions to visit in Thailand.