The origins of the word “Window”?

Window’s are an important part of every house. But there actual use appeared in the farm like many other human inventions.  The location it was invented in is somewhere in Scandinavia, early Norse homes were made for the human and it’s livestock. Up north the weather was very cold and livestock weren’t safe outside of a shelter. So this prompted a new design of home which included room for the humans and shelter for the livestock. They used the fire to warm the houses but the smoke would make it hard to breath. The Vikings decided to make holes in their houses which would become one of there most useful contributions to humankind. These openings in the structure were called vindr auga, which translates to “the wind’s eye”. Eventually the world travelled a bit south to the Briton Isles, where the word became window.

That is the great tale of why window’s were invented, what their initial use was, who invented them and how the word came to be.