The Origins Of The Dollar

Ever wonder who created the first dollar and how it came to be? I will try to resume what I know about it, in one paragraph.

In 1519, a rich Czech citizen, Stephan Schlick, discovered a valley filled with silver, in his estate.
He began making coins with them and selling them, it was then considered the official curreny of the Holy Roman Empire, as groschen.
The original name was originated from the name of the valley where Schlick found them. But it was to hard to pronounce, Joachimsthalergroschen to Thalergroschen then to Thaler.
Soon every place had the thaler coin or even if it wasn’t a real thaler it was considered the same.
The names were different for each part…The Italians called it the tallero, in Holland daadler, Denmark and Sweden dalers.
It would vary each time for different ethnics. But the english speaking nations would use the term Dollar.

It has been Dollar ever since, there is a story of how it got over into the Americas but thats another story.