The No 1 Reason Why All Those Books about Self Help That You Purchased Didnt Work

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The very first thing that I would like to tell you, is that you have to understand that you are the one in charge of the life you live, you have always been in charge and you are always going to be in charge. For most people out there, including myself at times, this can really be a daunting thought. In fact, over ninety percent of people are going to play the blame game, because it is a lot easier to blame other individuals, things and places than it is to take complete responsibility for all of your actions.

If you were to take a look around, you would see this in a lot of the people lives that you are around. Can you honestly tell me how many times you have heard “it wasn’t me, it was him”? How many times have you heard someone blame their work colleagues or boss when they aren’t progressing within the work place? How often have you blamed your partner for holding you back?

The absolute best excuse for not achieving something has to be “it’s not my fault I’m not able to make it anywhere in life, I am the way that I am because of the conditioning I received during my childhood, and it was my mother or father’s fault. Once you have reached the point and time in your life that you can take complete responsibility for all of your actions, and accept everything that has happened in your past, all of your failures and success, and know that all of these come down to one person, you, only at that time and that time only are you going to be able to reach the half-way point in becoming just as successful as you desire to be.

You may think there isn’t any correlation between successes and complaining when in all actuality, there is a connection. During the time that you are complaining about all of the obstacles that you are currently facing, you are actually wasting so much time focusing on being negative that you are actually loosing all of the chances that you have to move forward. Instead of viewing all of these challenges as problems, you should think of them as being opportunities.

The vital part of any success or new life is action. When you look at the honest truth, there is only three percent of the population that purchase self help books and courses are going to take action in effort to actually change their way of thinking, so they are only able to achieve the success that they desire. Ten percent of the population will ready through the entire program, and then make a plan, but they fail to continue to apply it to living on a daily basis.

All of the rest may not even finish reading the course or book. So as you can tell, the #1 reason that all of those self-help books that you purchased didn’t work because you didn’t allow them to, you didn’t take the time to follow through with them and because of that, you have given in to the person that you are supposed to be trying not to be.