The Most Stupid Words from Urban Dictionary

Everyone has probably heard a really stupid word used by their friends and that means something really stupid. Often these words have very local origins and even more local use. Therefore naturally we don’t get to hear some of these awesome words so let’s fix that. Slight disclaimer, some of these words are just outrageously stupid and offensive.

Assburgers: Wait what is an ass burger? A burger that looks like an human ass? A burger made out of ass? Nope it’s wordplay on the aspergers disease. How does that transformation occur? Well like all these urban words their origins are hard to trace but at least both aspergers and assburgers keep the theme of food.

Baby Googles: No babies don’t need googles, they don’t swim or fly airplanes. This term is directed toward the parents of the said baby. If the baby is ugly as hell but the parents still find him adorable, one could say they are wearing baby googles. A state of delusion many of us have seen…

Damn Skippy: I’ve never heard of this one but neither will you unless you find yourself in Southern Australia which you shouldn’t, it really is a dangerous country. Australians have a habit of changing simple words to simpler words. Good day to G’day well those are the only ones I know, I don’t want to ever go there. Damn skippy would be directly translated to Damn straight in proper English.

Beardo: This one is easier to figure out…really? You still can’t figure it out? It just means a weirdo with a beard.

Keep it 100: Which is one of the more positive words in here, it means being real and true to yourself.

Broscience: This term has nothing to do with brothers or science. It is the phenomena where people in the gym give more credit to the word of someone who’s jacked than to someone who actually knows about working out.

Remote Dance: Now this is a dance we’ve all done. This occurs when you shake your hand with the remote in frustration, pleading your television to recognize it’s input.

Those were a few words I hadn’t heard before and hopefully don’t hear. A quick warning, do not go searching for real words at urbandictionary because you will see things like this. Searching for the month January leads to a big paragraph of words claiming January to be the best month and people born during it to be the best. I searched for the word talentless and I got Hilary Duff as a suggestion. Well at least that one is true.