The High Price Of Beauy

In today’s artificial world, every women wants the best. They want to look like a cover girl, top models and etc.. But sometimes the products to make them look good have a deadly side-effect.

Weight Loss Regime

In the world war 1, some french soldiers inhaled TNT vapors, it caused them fever, sweating and … weight loss. This was due to a metabolic rate higher then usual. TNT(trinitrotoluene) was thought to be to dangerous, but a researcher saw the potential in it. And invented dinitrophenol, a chemical relative of trinitrotoluene. It had success in it’s mission of making people lose weight, lots of women got this because you didn’t need a prescription. But by 1935, some users died. It caused cataracts and around 100 users lost complete sight. The drug is illegal in Canada and USA is not available at all but in Mexico it can easily be obtained.

Nail Polish and Remover

Acetone is an ingredient in nail polish remover and acetonitrile is an ingredient in artificial nail remover. Both sound the same but are very different in toxicity and many other factors. A kid swallowed 10 ml of acetonitrile, her mother called the poison control center, she didn’t inform them correctly.  The doctor thought she was talking about the nail polish ingredient, Acetone. He said it’s alright let it be, it doesn’t have any negative effects. Had the doctor realized it was acetonitrile that was consumed and not acetone, the little child would be in the emergency room. The next day the kid was found dead.

Lady’s Perfume

Whale’s can finally relax today, one their regurgitating was used as perfume ingredient. When whales eat harmful fish they have this coating on their stomach that dissolves the harmful areas. This liquid is called ambergris, when fresh it’s black and smells awful. When it’s exposed to the sun it hardens and becomes light colored and smells good. A piece of ambergris weighting 922 pounds was found floating on the sea surface. It was worth alot but these days we don’t need to bother whales for it. Scientist can now produce a product of similar effect, artificially.