The Giant Nephilims Built the Pyramids of Egypt, Is this True or a Myth

In Genesis, it was mentioned that there were Giants on earth during those days and when the sons of God acquired the daughters of men, their offspring became mighty men as well called Anakim.

When men could no longer sustain their hunger, the giants consumed mankind and anything that can satisfy them like birds, reptiles, fish, and beasts. When there were few things to eat, they devoured each other’s flesh and drink their blood.

This is the reason, as well as the earth was filled with corruption of the flesh and violence, that the Great Flood had come to the Earth. Stories about half man-half beast, and half man-half bird have soon arose and they lived long time ago and even during historical times.

There is a theory that the Nephilims or their offspring called Anakims who had mysterious power, survived the Great Flood apart from Noah and his group. Many children of the Anakims still lived during the time of Moses, Joshua, Saul and David. In fact, most of the offspring of the Anakims were Kings and they ruled over the human population after the flood, being worshipped as Gods and Demigods.

The Giant Nephilims were approximately 100 meters tall and therefore, they had no problem carrying heavy stones and build towering structures. They had big and powerful tools which were unbelievable, and because of their strength and powerful muscles, they were able to carry or transport stones weighing thousands of tons.

In truth, the Giant Nephilims constructed most of the Pyramids in Egypt, not the Pharaohs as believed by many. Great structures built all over the world on the ground and below sea level were done by these Giant Nephilims. Scholars are aware that the Pyramids of Egypt can’t be built by mere human beings even with the use of modern machineries. They were constructed in a way which is mysterious and even experts cannot conclude that they were made by men.

The Pyramid of Cheops, the Pyramids of Egypt and many other structures all over the world such as the Temples in India, Mexico and other places in South America were built by giants. Big cities like Tiauanacu in Bolivia, India’s Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, England’s Stonehenge, Megaliths located in Bretagne France, Hunnebeds in The Netherlands and Germany and Baalbek found in Lebanon were built by Giants and not by human beings or Homo Sapiens. A great number of artifacts including giant tools and giant skulls are kept in museums which origins are unknown.

The big question now is that, if indeed there were giants who built huge historical structures, what was their motive? Did they work as slaves to receive food from their masters? They could acquire whatever they wanted with their height and mighty power so, there was no reason to be enslaved by small people and work heavily just to gain food.

Another thing is that if they can eat human flesh and devour each other, why do they have to show prudence in erecting significant buildings? Lastly, were Nephilims or Anakims only made of men and no women? It’s still worth thinking deeply if this is true, or just a myth.

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  1. I KNOW giants existed and still do. Under Rome in Catacombs. No way could normal men have built huge stone buildings. They supported the giants who did all the work tho. This all has been hidden by our dear ol’ govt’

  2. yes i think so the giant built the pyramids but not the time of mossos
    they lived after noah and there is a very very long time between noah and mosos !
    they lived before mosos and they was in egypt and yes very loong and very tall powerful … because of that why after pyramids acurding in time of pharaohs didn’t build like that.. even if in time of new kindom ?
    and why sphinx has not writing on him ?? because tehy built it and was hidden in time of pharohas ??? right

    pharohas came after giant and just do the writitng they found every thing already built ….
    like abu sembel temple ,, karnak ,, pyramids .. all this big things !
    and this people giant they disappear suddenly with big sand storm …
    thats in short

  3. the giants are obviously real.there is no other explanation for the pyramids. before these giant fossils were found we thought that the pharoahs made them. RUBBISH!!!. Any sane person would realise that there is no way that the egyptians could have made the pyramids and other giant structures with wooden jack is said in islam that allah sent these nephilims as perfect humans. they were fit,healthy,powerful and strong. the were ment to be the greatest tribe on the planet. but god banished them because they worshipped the stars and not allah even though allah created them to be followers.maby finding these giant bones has given us a reason to believe in these myths. people say theyre fake. i disagree, people say theyre fake because they have no explanation so they try to cover it up.

  4. John is right. What he is saying is exactly what it is mentioned in the Coran. The giants (Kawmu Aad) lived in Egypt after Noah (about 70,000. – years ago). These people were not beleiver and they thought that the stars of the belt of Orion is God. They built the three pyramids of Giza exactly aligned with the postion of the three stars of the belt of Orion at that time. They were punished by God by a very strong storm that lasted for more than one week and let them disappear. It is also mentioned in the Coran that the giants’ building will remain for the people to learn how these giants, who were much stronger and much clever and probably much civilized than us were punished, because they refused to beleive in God.

  5. Genesis 6 starts to explain the fall of many Angels (Sons of God)who “saw the human woman were bueatiful and took them as their wives (I doubt they had a wedding ceremony). The offspring were the Giants, the heroes of old, men of renown. Then it later goes on to explain how the gene pool of Gods creation became so corrupt ….they were cross mating with birds and reptiles and fish….etc.

    These were 1/2 angelic and 1/2 human (the giants) or 1/2 angelic and 1/2 fish, bird, reptile, animal (called monsters in the book of Enoch) Not only were these creatures large in size they also had supernatural (magical) ability from being part angelic. Giants , Nephilim, Greek, Norse, Chinese, Indian and all “gods demigods and deities” fall under this category. Zeus , Hercules, The City of Atlantis, the Lochness Monster, the paintings on pyramid walls of 1/2 birds 1/2 reptiles and men… all existied on earth in history. It would not suprise me if an angel breeding with a wolf could produce a werewolf capable of lycanthropy (change shape).

    The bible says “the whole creation cried out to God” because of the destruction caused by this (these) creatures. Then God sent the flood and wiped everything out ….saving only Noah and the 8 on the arc. We all know the story. We also know from the bible that there were Giants after the flood , Goliath was one of them. They were also in the land of Canaan that Joshua and the scouts went to explore. I dont know how they were around after the flood but the flood wiped out most of this.

    The bible , the coran and other books in the canon (not included in the bible) all talk about this. The book of Enoch and the Book of Giants is very interesting.

    Another thing to know : there is a difference between Demons and Evil Spirits. A Demon is an Angel gone bad (most of them are believed to be locked in the Abyss awaiting judgement on the final day). An Evil Spirit is a dead Giant or Monster. Because the Giants and Monsters are part angelic they have spirits different from full humans…. so when they die they have a spirit that remains on earth(Gods judgement placed on them….see book Enoch). Because they are part human they are not not allowed to roam (the heavenly realm) like the Angels, Demons not bound in the Abyss, and Lucifer.

    The book of Enoch, the Book of Giants and other manuscripts were left out of the bible, I think, because they are tough to digest and they are definitely adult material.

    When you look at the pyramids, stonehenge, paintings on walls of pyramids and other stuff not humanly possible this is the explanation. It does not discredit or contradict the bible.

  6. the giants were gods. they were created by serpents. sentient iguana like beings. iguanas have a thid eye, and so do the serpents. the serpents created giants in their own image. much of the stones buildings were made of sandstone slurry and other mixtures of concrete like substances.
    they used framework for the slurry. the giants were not in very big numbers compared to humans, at least not at the time the pyramids in egypt were built. the pyramids was built to represent all twelve zodiac constelations.
    thats why thre was 12 apostles. they represent star constelations. the serpent gods were system lords of these star systems. at least they ruled these constelations. the pyramids was built to remind the children of gods their mighty power. the pyramids was built all around the planet. the serpent gods knew the stars are moving with the galaxy and not around it. the planet represent a miniature galaxy where the pyramids represent constelations moving with it. thats how the myth about earth being in the center of the galaxy was created. serpent gods came to eden (earth) from heaven.
    they are mortal beeing from another planet originate from one of the stars in the zodiac constelations of stars. one of these star systems.
    they are your god. they are the serpents in the garden of eden. they didn´t just create giants, they created a lot of creatures. the flood of noah exterminated most of gods creation. the sea level was alot lower than it is today. the ice caps was alot bigger than it is today. there were more dry land before the flood of noah. the flood happend at the time atlatis sank into the ocean, and not at the time of pharaoh khufu.
    atlatis was drowned by the flood. the serpent gods had to get rid of them because they chould not control them. the nephilims created spaceships that chould challage god, and the gods does not share power freely. the late nephilims created the first atomic bomb prior to modern history. they also created nuclear batteries. the ark of the covenant was a nuclear battery powered voice recorder that was used to play of the ten comandments of god. the one moses wrote down on stone tablets. it was a recording of gods law. the ark of the covenant was made to fit perfectly inside the stone sarcophagus inside the pyramids. the stone sarcophaguses
    was used to shield against the radiation leaking from the nuclear battery inside the ark of the covenant. the egyptian gods had electric lights.
    they was most likly also powered with nuclear batteries. the gods used non-conductive inulators on their feet to shield them from these trong high voltage electric currents. they used monkeys to do the dangerous part holding two knives on each side of the bulb to create long sparks.
    they also had flying machines. gliders and aircrafts. horus was a pilot and a god. their technology was very advanced but they did not share it with humans. for humans what they did was magic. the giants used staffs with some technology inside them. explein a lot of miracles in the bible doesn´t it. they used science as magic including healing. they had radio. they chould comunicate over long distances. there is even places on this earth with monuments that can only bee seen from above. jesus christ is about retold stories of gods in flying machines and about the serpents who created the nephilim gods in their own image.

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