The Fun of Thrifting

You might be asking, what on earth is thrifting? In this day and age, there are so many thrift shops, opening their doors for their customers, to find that very treasure they have been looking for. Our country is rich in “stuff” and  there is always someone to buy more stuff. One person’s junk might be someone else’s treasure. Almost every little town and big city have their share of thrift stores.

There was a time when certain people wouldn’t grace the doors of a thrift shop, but now they have become so popular, that the opposite is true. People from all social standings, are finding the benefits of thrift shops, that they turned their backs on before. Many people wearing their best fur coat have been seen looking through the aisles, maybe they are looking for that special piece of clothing, one from the 50s, for instance, that can’t be found any other place.

The producer for a local theater group, is perusing the shelves for that unusual prop, as a friend told them that they had seen it in that specific store. He becomes very happy, when he finds the exact piece he had been looking for. Then when he is still looking around, he finds another particular item that he never ever thought was available anywhere.

Around the corner from the store, lives a lady with three children, works two jobs to feed her family. She was ecstatic when the shop opened, as now she can clothe her kids with clothes that their peers will be asking where they got them from. The students come in to find their own, that pair of designer jeans that their mother wouldn’t spend the money to buy. Another satisfied customer.

Let’s not forget the college student who just moved into that apartment, who needed so many things for the kitchen; the mugs, cutlery, a set of dishes, pots and pans. Does the student have the money to buy new ones? No they don’t, so this is the answer for their situation. The small pieces of furniture needed for the apartment are also found in one of the shops in their town. The particular appliance, a toaster, was there also for the taking. A very happy young person walks out the door once again.

Another side of thrift shops, is where the money goes, that is brought with the sale of the goods. Most are selling their wares in order to support their favorite charity, or to help the local hospital to operate. There are many other places receiving help from these sales, too numerous to mention. They are also known to give some of their overflow to other charities or services, and they can prosper from the donations too.

What about the person who received that gift for their birthday, which they absolutely have no use for. This store gives them a way to give it somewhere, and they won’t feel guilty about getting rid of it. Two people have become happy about that. The dilemma has been solved, and the other person is able to buy a brand new article for a fraction of the cost, it would ordinarily have cost them in any other retail store.

The volunteer in the store, either as a cashier, or who works in the back room, is a satisfied person, because they know they are helping others, and that is always a good feeling.

This is one area of life where people have an option to save some money and do good at the same time. Lets take a look at another area of life that is equally as important.