The Ecological Crisis can Cause Extinction of Human Life

What causes an ecological crisis? An ecological crisis arises when the capacity of an environment, species or population can no longer cope with the imbalance in ecosystem or landscape brought about by their destructive use from human beings.

This can also happen when the quality of the environment is degraded compared to the needs of species due to imbalance of ecology brought about by rise in temperature, destructive practices such as overfishing or less significant rainfalls. This means that the environment becomes unfit for the survival of species or population due to its destructive use or excessive utilization. Lastly, it can also be due to increase in population.

What are the major effects of ecological crisis? The duration of ecological crisis can take a number of years or even a century. It can come in a natural way or in a drastic form created by man. It may be applicable to only 1 kind of specie or it may affect the whole species through an extinction process. An ecological crisis may be concentrated in 1 area such as an oil spill or it could affect the entire universe such as an increase in the water level because of global warming.

Based on the degree of casualty, a local crisis can result to the death of several persons or the extinction of the whole species. The impact of deterioration in the quality of food and their habitat can cause the extinction of 1 or more species attributed to chain reaction.

The consequences of global ecological crisis can be more destructive evidenced by the total extinction of existing species at a given time, as in the case of the dinosaurs. An ecological crisis can sometimes be a favorable phenomenon as it creates a room for new growth and development based on the ecosystem scale. In a few cases, the total extinction of certain species such as the dinosaurs due to ecological imbalance, gave rise to the growth of mammals.

But in the general point of view, the impact of an ecological crisis is more destructive than creative. An ecological crisis can cause extinction to a lot of favored species and can lower the quality of life of the remaining groups of people. Therefore, even if the existence of a specific group of people like the indigenous people is threatened by extinction, this is given some attention by the society in only a short period of time.
More attention is focused on the consequences caused by an ecological crisis such as illness, food shortage, effect on the quality of air, lesser space for dwelling, increase in toxic wastes and threats on endangered species. Lesser attention is given to the roots of all these problems because it seems difficult to accept that mankind is responsible for the creation and rise of an ecological crisis that leads to extinction of life.

In the advent of modern technology and a continuous increase in population, man has more influence on the survival of the environment and life on earth. It depends on his initiative to make ways aimed at creating a balance in ecology if he wants to survive.

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