The Dangers of Pro Anorexia Groups

With pencil thin bodies being the popular body type these days, it is not surprising that one of the most disturbing health conditions suffered by actresses and models alike is anorexia. Anorexia is a very controversial topic because even reigning Hollywood stars such as Hilary Duff, socialite figure Nicole Ritchie, and even a lot of supermodels suffer from anorexia at one point or another in their lives.

But what makes this disease highly controversial is that fact that there are organizations and websites that supports this condition. They are known as “pro anorexia” and they encourage individuals throughout the internet and even through mass media that it is ok to be anorexic. For some insiders, there is nothing really shocking about this. But for average individuals, there is something terribly wrong with such a perspective.

Basically, pro anorexia sites offer advice, tips, and “support” for people with eating disorders. No, they are not going to help you cure the disease. Instead, they will help you deal with it. They claim that their aim is to eliminate the undesirable effects of anorexia. Is that really possible? No, it isn’t. Pro anorexia sites don’t reveal the whole truth about it and they avoid dealing with the dangerous aspects of the condition.

For an individual to be cured for anorexia, they need to make a decision to get rid of it altogether. Choosing to rid yourself of its “side effects” while wanting the “benefits” of anorexia isn’t possible. And besides, having a disease provides no benefit. Imagine having sore throat or a cough. It is akin to wanting the coarse voice that comes with coughing though you don’t want to suffer from the feeling of soreness in your throat. Pro anorexic groups simply don’t make sense.

They claim that they are fighting “conventional, old-fashioned ideals” about anorexia. But they are actually fighting against good health and a healthy lifestyle. Is that something pro anorexia groups should be proud of? They are without shame and they are promoting a thinking that may lead anorexic individuals to deeper health problems.

Their stand is strongly admonished by medical professionals. This is because people who suffer from health disorders are engaged in activities of self-distraction. Anorexia is more than just a physical illness, it is a serious mental condition as well. Pro anorexia groups aren’t helping any. They are driving people to ill health and in some cases, maybe even death.

2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Pro Anorexia Groups”

  1. I think you’re wrong actually about pro-anorexia groups. Some groups are bad, and they are hurtful and can give unneeded motivation to people who are suffering from anorexia/bulimia/ED-NOS, and yet many people confuse some of these pro-ana sites with SUPPORT sites.
    Yes, they offer tips, tips on getting enough vitamins and how to start eating more and better.
    Yes, they offer distraction, by helping you not purge up the meal you just ate.
    Yes, they offer support, by telling you how beautiful you already are, and telling you that you need to stay your weight or higher to be healthy.

    People have to stop confusing THESE sites with sites that are “pro-ana”

    Moral of the story? The way you write this is that any site that helps people with anorexia, giving them a support system, community, is killing people. When in truth the people on the SUPPORT sites are helping people find in patient treatments, better food to help them be stronger and healthier and offering to be on the phone when the disease gets hard.

  2. I’m in total agreement with Katy. I’m a member of a pro-ana site and it’s actually helped me begin to recover. The paragraph comparing anorexia to a cough just shows how ignorant you are about eating disorders like anorexia. True victims do not choose to hate their bodies and obsess over what they eat, and for some of them, having a community of people to talk to who understand is the only thing keeping them alive.

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