The Cruelest of Things

There is an old saying, the nicest of deeds never go unpunished… wait what? Let me elaborate with some of this twisted tells..

Better late then never?

Michael Durant, a 31 year old bus driver, was cut his wage because he was late at work… The boss didn’t believe his excuse¬† that he had to stop to help a man in his burning car.

-Esquire, January 1995

Losing is not an option!!!

Boomer Esiason, quarterback of New York Jets, was driving home after his teams 28-24 defeat to the Miami Dolphins . Until he suddenly saw a crashed car, he jumped out and helped out the old lady. She was crying and her car was trashed. But the first thing she said to Esiason. She looked at Esaison and said ” Boomer?”, Esaison said ” Yes”. She said you really stink, how’d you lose the game today?”.

That’s what you get.

Lorne Murdock, a truck driver saw a delivery truck collide with car, he jumped out of his car and went out to help the injured. On the other of things, someone stole Murdock’s 1980 AMC Spirit truck. Murdock had some sad words” It’s incredible,¬† you try to save someone’s life and something like this happens, do the right thing and stuff like this happen”.

– Santa Rosa Press Democrat, May 2, 1993

Honor Of Valor

In 1982, Timothy George, a worker at a restaurant in Vallejo, California. Chased a man who had stolen from a customer, he caught up the man somewhere outside. And gave the customer all his money back but he was fired for leaving his job.