The City of Fountains

It is a widely held belief that the world city with the most fountains is Rome. That is a false convention. Kansas City has surpassed the former City of Fountains in number, and though the fountains are impressive, they are far from the only sight that graces Kansas City.

The Country Club Plaza and Crown Center adorn a downtown area which is rich in shopping and upscale hotels and entertainment. A walking tour of the plaza area yields a multitude of shops and restaurants that rival the best such establishments in any city. Though the entertainment areas are not as large as they are in some cities, it is an enjoyable experience to stroll the paths of either the plaza or Crown Center, and be engaged with Midwestern charm and politeness.

The city offers two major sports teams, the Royals baseball team and the Chiefs in the NFL. Though both teams have had some hard seasons of late, the city has continued to support them with projects that have significantly revitalized both stadiums. Besides the major league sports Kansas City offers NCAA division one sports teams, minor league hockey and baseball, and professional soccer. All of the venues have remained affordable, and public transportation and a well thought out highway system make ingress to and egress from the venues a pleasure.

Kansas city also boasts two major airports. KCI is situated away from downtown, but is only a short twenty minutes away. And while midtown airport doesn’t accept the amount of large jet traffic that KCI does, it is the ideal way for business people to privately enter the city. Midtown is only five minutes from downtown.

The Kansas City Zoo has been undergoing a makeover for many years. The attractions have been enlarged and the exhibits have a more natural flair. The cost to visit is still very minimal making it a favorite destination for families from around the Midwest.

However, Kansas City is famous for one thing – barbeque. Kansas City style barbeque has long been accepted as the king. With myriad restaurants, from very upscale providers to outdoor mom and pop operations. The city and surrounding area offer many opportunities to sample the celebrated fare. Ask any native and they can tell you the best restaurants to visit and the best dishes to sample. A big local favorite is burnt tips which are the heavily sauced extra crispy end pieces of barbeque pork. Nothing tastes better in the barbeque universe.

Among other attractions unique to Kansas City, the Negro League Baseball and the Steamboat Arabia Museums are two of the most popular. The Negro League Baseball Museum was started in the early 1990’s and is located in the KC jazz district. The Steamboat Arabia Museum features artifacts of a steamboat that sank on the Missouri river in 1856.