The Antivirus Guide

One of the most important parts of your computer is the Antivirus, a lethal bug can not only wipe out your entire data but even render your hardware useless. Each antivirus software will claim some groundbreaking technology that defeats viruses but it’s not long before a virus comes out that circumvents that. The only way to combat that is have an antivirus software that is consistently improving and updating to keep up with the new viruses and worms. Here are a few antivirus softwares which will hopefully keep your computer alive.

The first two are almost symbiotic in their existence. AVG Anti Virus Free and Avast free are the two of the most downloaded software on CNET, there is a very good reason for that. Both being good and dependable free ant viruses. If you are going to chose one of these you need to also get an anti malware software. These two are definitely entirely free but they also have paid versions which are naturally better in every single way. If your someone who uses your computer casually, doesn’t download many files of the web and mostly goes to trusted sites, this might be good for you. To anyone who uses the web a lot and these are not the best security for you, a lot of important features are left out and also the fact that the paid versions have bigger database for virus recognition. Another annoying part of the free deal is that updates for the database occur later for the free versions. These are recommended for anyone you know who might be a light pc user. If you are above the average pc user and want something free, these are the two best but don’t forget to get an anti malware software along with it, something such as Malwarebytes.

There is two other great antivirus software, both are paid but very much worth the price. First there is ESET Smart Security’s, which is a giant killer of viruses. Unlike many antivirus softwares of the old, the interface is slick and easy to use even for non IT folk.  It has an amazing sandbox feature, which will run all registered files in a sandbox to see if they contain malevolent code. This is done when you chose to with suspicious files, it also doesn’t take hours to scan the files like some other software’s would do. The price might seem a bit step but it does carry the value of it. The other is Bitdefender, since its creation Bitdefender has consistently been considered the best by many, an amazing feat for an antivirus software, which seem to come and go. It’s threat to alert speed is second to none and it also has a much more  reasonable price than ESET Smart Security. Another thing to worry with these big fully featured antivirus is how much do they affect the performance of everything else. Some users have had slower response rates with ESET running at full security while with Bitdefender that has rarely been reported. Both are amazing antiviruses and definitely two of the best right now. It doesn’t matter which one of these you get since both will protect you well.

The days of a virus being behind every file, every possible web page are gone but the threat still remains alive therefore antivirus software are still an essential tool.

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