The Amazing Invention of a Car Powered by Water

Do you believe that a car will run if it is powered by ordinary water?  Your first impression will be negative because on a layman’s point of view, you know fully well that there has to be combustion to take place in the engine in order to make a car run and this is impossible for water to become an accessory to burning because in fact, it stops burning.

But of course if it is possible why not, it can be a great remedy for the world to substitute the high cost of using gasoline.

A car fueled by water was invented by a Filipino inventor, Daniel Dingel back in 1969.  A video presentation was shown in 2006 showing a car running filled with water which draws a huge crowd of stunned spectators who were amazed about the invention.

When asked how his invention works, Daniel Dingel revealed that the engine of the car has a compartment that induces water molecules to produce hydrogen.  He explained that electricity was utilized thru a 12-volt car battery to obtain hydrogen and oxygen by means of breaking up the water molecules.

The outcome of separating the water molecules produced hydrogen which is used to power the engine.  In his video presentation, Dingel failed to show a patent as proof of his invention.  This caused many experts in Science to raise doubts about the veracity of his invention.  Dingel also failed to show any technical paper in his video presentation, or offered an explanation to back-up his claim that a car powered by water will run.

Instead of explaining only the mechanics of his invention, Daniel Dingel should have also presented a technical paper outlining the theory behind his amazing invention.  What the public needed was transparency of proof thru a technical paper that can vouch for truth in his invention.

Scientists and experts who viewed his video presentation question the lack of scientific data to convince them that the invention is authentic.  Because of this, they come to believe that it is not water that powers the car but hydrogen.  Being the lightest form of chemical known on earth, hydrogen burns the same way as LPG and gasoline do that fuels the car to run.

In this process, hydrogen can be separated from water.  If you separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, you can produce hydrogen.  In this process, 2 water molecules can create 4 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.  You can put water in the tank which will split into oxygen and hydrogen.

Then, the engine will be filled with hydrogen as in the case of gasoline.  The engine will make the car run by burning the hydrogen.  The waste emitted by the hydrogen-powered car is totally water vapor that is 100% sanitized.  The experts believed that Dingel used electrolysis procedure to separate the water into oxygen and hydrogen.

This becomes more doubtful because the stored energy in the car battery is very negligible to propel a car.  Hydrogen is not impossible to be used as car fuel, but it raises the doubts on practicality and safety in using it due to its very flammable condition.

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  1. Do seperate oxygen and hydrogen , the enrgy from the battery is used.So car is driven by the energy supplied by the battery. Even if we use the energy from burning hydrogen to drive a car it is not a solution to energy crisis.

  2. hydrogen burning cells exist but the energy needed to seperate it from the oxygen is higher than the energypotential of the hydrogen itself-even if there is a car with 99.9% efficiency. but if you wolud have solarthermic powerplants producing to much energy you could produce emission-free fuel.

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