The age of smart phones – Newcomers in the market

The world of smart gadgets especially in the mobile phones category is expanding exponentially. Who could have imagined a decade ago that a “phone” as was understood back then, could do anything more than make a call and enable one to talk to a person? Perhaps, that was the misplaced identity. Sure, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first phone, his primary objective was to be able to talk to a person at a distance. But in the past few years, technology and phone manufacturing companies have gone way ahead to change this basic need that one associated with phones in the past. Now the need has altered and the requirement of the day is to be able to connect, communicate and stay in touch with not just one person but many people simultaneously.

With Apple’s iPhone launch in the market in 2007, the market of cell phones was revolutionized and smart phones began to kick in. Many other phone manufacturers began to follow suit and soon a stream of smart phones began to pour into the hands of consumers. Apple’s iPod, which had been launched in the market earlier in 2001, had changed the world of music lovers. In the same way, iPhone has changed the world of people who use phones.

This month Motorola has launched two new smart phones, Cliq and Droid. While Cliq can boast of a fully customisable home screen, Droid has the thinnest QWERTY keyboard among all the cell phones. Along with the age old features, both phones offer Web 2.0 application like My Space, Facebook and Twitter that are the hottest buzz today among youngsters worldwide. The MotoBlur software that comes with Cliq provides for an enriching social networking experience. All the status messages and updates from your contacts are streamed on to your phone and can be accessed with the aid of different widgets on the screen. As for Droid, it promises to be clutter-free. So even though there are several applications running simultaneously, their screens don’t overlap in the way that make some phones ugly to access and you can enjoy your phone to its maximum. Motorola has managed to join in the league of iPhone and Blackberry that is a favourite of consumers worldwide.

With the launch of these two new phones, the market has additional options for all those tech-savvy, electronic gadget lovers. These two phones offer the usual high-speed browsing, a must for Internet and Web users, a hi-resolution touch screen, hi-resolution in-built camera and video recording features, several other smart features and smart looks. More importantly, they offer upgrades to other versions of smart phones currently residing in the market. With each new launch of a phone comes a trendier, more desired, improved, new feature or version. And all this is what makes the phone enter the wish list of the consumers. Hopefully, Cliq and Droid will enjoy the same acceptance and popularity that other smart phones have been enjoying for a while now. Perhaps, these will become the new trend for people to fall in line with.