The 7 Wonders Of The Ancient World

The man who created the idea to have 7 wonders of the world was the Byzantine Mathematician Philon. When not creating amazingly complicated math formules he would travel the lands in search for monuments of beauty. He traveled nearly, all the lands that were known at that time. He wrote on a piece of paper “De Septem Orbis Spectaculis”(the seven wonders of the world).  Here were his seven. This was around 150 years before the birth of Christ.

1.The Great Pyramid Of Cheops, the oldest of all the wonders and yet still ever intact till this day. The biggest and largest of all the other 80 pyramids of Egypt. It was made out of 2.3 million blocks of stone. It’s located outside of Cairo near the Pyramid of Giza.

2. The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon (Iraq), Nebuchadnezzar married a princess from Medes. She liked the mountains and lush gardens of her homeland. So her husband made her a friggin mountain/garden. It was a square that went upwards with streams of clean water and beautiful grass. Because all of the conflicts in that area the gardens have been reduced to nothing.

3.The Statue of Zeus (Greece), the statue of the Gods of All Gods, Zeus. It was made by Phidias who made the statue of Athena in Athens. This one was 40 foot tall with ivory, gold covering Zeus’s body. The Statue was there until 2 years after J.C but after that it vanished. This too might have been caused by war.

4.Temple of Diana Of  Ephesus(Turkey), what Philon said about this temple might just show it’s amazingness “when I saw the Ephesus rising from the clouds it put all the other wonders in shade”. It was 225 feet long, was supported by a large number columns. When Paul of The Bible said “the temple of the great goddess Diana, should be despised and destroyed whom all the world worship.” It was destroyed once but rebuilt. But it was destroyed yet again by the Goths, for ever. Until a English Archaeologist discovered one of the original columns.

5.The Tomb Of King Mausolus At Halicarnassus(Turkey), The king was the conqueror of Rhodes, he was a fearsome leader. But when he passed, his wife missed him alot. She even drank his ashes with wine. She decided to build a monument guarding his tomb. She called on the most competent architects of Europe to build it. It lasted the for a thousand years but it got destroyed by an earthquake.

6.The Colossus Of Rhodes on The Isle Of Rhodes(Aegean Sea), it was an statue that was a gateway to the harbor of Rhodes. It was a nude statue that had an entrance between it’s two legs. It too got destroyed by an earthquake, the remains were sold off to a Jew merchant.

7. The Lighthouse Of Alexandria(Egypt), it was the first kind of it’s lighthouse in the ancient times, it was 400 feet long. It could see 300 miles out in the sea. It was half destroyed by Arabs, who thought there was gold inside. Later in the 14th century it was completely destroyed by an earthquake.

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  1. Let’s keep in mind that this was drawn up by someone who had never even heard of China or India, or South America. These are all amazing items, but we can no longer refer to them as the 7 wonders of the world without keeping in mind such things as the Chinese and the Aztecs and the Incas and other cultures also created.

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