The 4 Mysteries of the Human Brain

Scientists are still trying to unveil the mystery behind brain power. The first mysterious capability of the brain is its ability to reach beyond reality and visualize what will happen in the nearest future, called dream. Dreaming exercises the brain by stimulating the channels of synapses between brain cells. People dream about tasks and emotions that they failed to give attention during the day, and that this process can help solidify thoughts and memories.

Scientists agree that dreaming happens during your deepest sleep which is called Rapid Eye Movement. Sleep is important for human beings, but extended sleep can lead to changes in mood, hallucination, and in extreme cases, death. There are two stages of sleep, the non-rapid eye movement, during which the brain is in low metabolic activity, and rapid eye movement, wherein the brain is in active stage.

A lot of experiences are difficult to forget, such as your first sexual encounter. By using brain-imaging techniques, scientists are trying to discover the mechanism responsible for creating and storing memories. They are theorizing that the hippocampus which is located in the brain’s gray matter, could act as a memory box.

However, this storage area isn’t as discriminating as it turns out that both true and false memories activate similarly in the same brain regions. In order to come out with the real memory, researchers have asked a subject to remember something in context, a thing which is more difficult since the event didn’t actually occur.

The 3rd mystery involves laughter which is one of the least understood of human behaviors. Scientists discovered that during a good laughing situation, 3 parts of the brain are activated; that part which helps you get the joke, the action area that tells your muscles to move, and the emotional region that absorbs the humor.

However, it remains a puzzle why a person laughs at a slight humor and another giggles while watching a horror movie. Laughter is a playful response to various situations whether humorous or not. People in the field of humor regard laughter as a way of conveying fun for anything, to avoid sorrow. In general, laughter makes us feel better and it is the best way to divert our attention from loneliness.

Having a life forever may not be a reality, but a pioneering field called cryonics could give some people two lives. There are Cryonics centers in Arizona that store test bodies in vats filled with liquid nitrogen at extreme freezing temperatures that preserve a person who dies from an incurable disease. This experiment aims to prove that a dead person can be revived in the future when a treatment has been found; this is the last mystery of the brain.

The corpse of the late baseball legend, Ted Williams, is stored in one of Alcor’s freezers to preserve the brain. However, not one of the cryopreserved bodies has been revived, because that kind of technology has not existed. If the body isn’t frozen at the right temperature, the person’s cells could turn to ice and blast into pieces.