The 2 Key Influences in Personal Values Development

Each and every choice that you have ever had to make, and each and every decision that you’ve regretted both come back to bite you by setting several of your core beliefs, which the majority of people label as their personal values. Take into consideration that all of your values weren’t developed over the period of one night and even though the outside influences are known to play a rather important role, the majority of our values have been determined by our very own perception internally.

Throughout your life, you have heard, seen, felt and experienced certain types of conditions and situations that have been able to help in shaping your beliefs to what your beliefs are today. All of your values are considered to be the foundation to your overall being and they are subconsciously a very important part of the life you live on a daily basis within one way or another.

In general, most individuals don’t choose all of their values purposely; the majority of them are subconsciously learned as children before they reach the age of ten years old. All of the studies have shown that the social surroundings of a child are the heaviest key influences source when it all boils down to personal values development. Children have a tendency of learning the majority of their behavior from all of their older siblings and parents, however as they begin to get a little older, they may also be influenced by all of their friends, coaches, teachers and even some of their favorite sports stars or actors.

It’s all of these social interactions that can have both a positive and negative influence over the overall development of our own personal values. The second key influence within personal values stems from all of our life experiences, as each individual makes their way through life, they are able to take all of their negative or positive experiences and discard or add them from your current belief system.

So, not only do all of your personal values influence all of your choices, as you continue to grow older, all of your choices are going to influence your values. There has been research conducted that has shown that all of our values can be changed by all of the people that we surround ourselves with through the association process. By taking the time to pay close attention to all of your values, you are going to be able to become a lot more self-aware, you are going to be able to make decisions that are ethical and you are going to be able to prioritize all of the things that could really matter a lot to you.

Now that you know the two key influences within personal values development, you will be able to have a focus point for all of the areas that needs improvement.