Ten Ways to Infuriate a Telemarketer

1. When you’re on a web teleconferencing, try to make funny faces. You can stick your tongue out, yawn for a few seconds, hold on to your eyes as if it were going to drop the ground and stare at the telemarketer, nod and shake your head vigorously in approval or disapproval, laugh out loud while pointing to the telemarketer, and many other irritating movements.

2. When you receive a phone call, put the mouthpiece of the phone near the radio and let the telemarketer hear the music that you’re listening to and tell her/him ‘I’m trying to promote my new hit single…here it is!’

3. A telemarketer calls you and you answer the phone. Well of course, the telemarketer will be looking for you or perhaps your parents. Tell him/her that you can’t take the call because you’re too young and then say ‘call us back at 7pm’. At 7pm, the telemarketer again makes a call but instead of taking the call, you can tell him/her to call the next day and so on and so forth. Do this until the telemarketer stops calling.

4. When you get a phone call, tell the telemarketer to hold on for a few minutes and hang the phone. After about 15 minutes, check if the telemarketer is still on the line; if yes, tell him/her that you need to go out now.

5. If the telemarketer is very persistent in calling you, you can answer the phone and say ‘I’m not here’ or perhaps ‘I’m still sleeping’ and after saying that, you put the phone down carefully.

6. Take the call and listen to what the telemarketer has to say. Try to agree to everything he/she says and afterwards, say ‘I’m not interested’. If the telemarketer continues to bother you, say that you already have the product that he or she is trying to offer and that yours is far better. If you say this, explain the advantages of your product and why you purchase it over the one he or she is selling.

7. When you’re always online, telemarketers can also get in touch with you. They would often schedule their teleconference so that they can explain their products better. If you don’t have time for the teleconference, inform the telemarketer at once but if he or she persuades you, you can take part in the conference but make sure that you listen carefully to the sales speech. Find some weak points and try to contradict.

8. When you get a call, hang up the phone and don’t answer it. You don’t need to waste your time on unsolicited calls.

9. Tell the telemarketer that you’re also a telemarketer and that you’re promoting a competing product. Convince him or her by telling more about the details of the product.

10. Inform the telemarketer that you’re a killer and that you don’t like irritating callers. Use a scary tone so that you can instantly get rid of the telemarketer. This is guaranteed to scare off and probably irritate the caller.