Ten useful tips to increase calories in your food intake

Every living being in this universe needs the required energy to live. The primary source of energy for sustenance comes primarily from the food we eat and the activities we take to keep ourselves fit, hale and healthy.

We get energy to our body through the means of calories that are contained in the food we consume. Without these calories, our body does not get the vital energy to do our daily routine activities and keep good health. Some people lament that they are either obese or underweight. If you intake more calories and do not burn them off through regular activities, then you are prone to become obese. Similarly, if you are underweight, then you are not taking enough calories that your body needs on a daily basis. Thus, the intake of calories in right quantities and effective burning of the calories is essential for a person to maintain a good strong body that is not only healthy, but also slim and beautiful.

If you feel that your body is underweight, or else, you need to have more energy to do activities, then all you need to do is increase the calorie content in your food. According to nutritional experts, one gram of carbohydrate you consume gives you 4 calories, one gram of protein also gives you 4 calories, and one gram of fat gives you 9 calories. Though the calorie content in fat is more and is one of the reasons for obesity, the more you burn the calories, there is no fear that you can become obese by taking more fat. The key is more in burning the calories and not much of a concern eating more calories.

How can you increase the calorie content in food intake?

The following ten suggestions might be of immense use to you:

a.It is advisable to eat well-balanced meals, which includes the right content of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and fat, at least three times a day, of which one should be a good breakfast. Eating snacks at frequent intervals throughout the day will also ensure that you take more calories.

b.You can take delicious soups such as cream soup, lentil soup or minestrone at frequent intervals. You can also try making your own canned soup using milk instead of water and also add a little bit of cheese to the soup.

c.You can try eating more amounts of cereals filled with nuts and fruits. Prefer using milk instead of water while cooking cereals.

d.Adding a little amount of powdered milk to mashed potatoes, and baked foods is also desirable.

e.Milk, as you know, is a good source for calories and protein. You can add a little amount of milk powder to your glass of regular milk

f.You can try eating more dry fruits such as dates, dried apricots and raisins, which have high calorie content.

g.Add some cheese or sunflower seeds to salads to increase the calorie content, because salads have low calorie content, and adding cheese will increase the calorie content.

h.Use more of nuts as snack foods because the fat content in nuts is more and each gram of fat gives you more calories – more than twice compared to proteins and carbohydrates.

i.You can also consider eating more desserts and ice creams that not only have more nutritional value but also high calorie content.

j.Do not take supplements that claim to add weight; instead, have a positive attitude and also ensure that you burn a good amount of calories you take. Otherwise, you may end up obese in your attempt to put on weight.

Following these suggestions might help you add more calories and gain more energy. It is up to you to effectively use your extra energy and burn the extra calories to have a healthy body.