Ten useful suggestions to reduce saturated fat

It is common to hear advice from friends, well-wishers and other people to reduce the intake of fat content in our daily consumption, especially if you happen to be slightly overweight or obese and find difficulty moving around with a heavier body.

While some amount of fat intake is inevitable and also necessary for the body, it is the excess fat content that is a cause of concern, because excessive stock of fat in the body is one of the reasons for putting on weight. Another reason for putting on weight is not burning enough calories in relation to the amount of energy you muster from the food you consume.

Fat is not only responsible for putting on additional weight. It is considered harmful as excessive fat might lead to coronary heart diseases and atherosclerosis. Fat is further classified into unsaturated fat and saturated fat. Saturated fat contains only saturated fatty acid radicals. Some common examples of food that contain a higher proportion of saturated fat include dairy products such as cream, cheese, ghee and butter and other products such as coconut oil, chocolate, and palm kernel oil. Some of the animal fats such as lard, tallow and fatty meat also contain more of saturated fat.

While we cannot totally avoid consuming some or all of the above-mentioned products, what we can do effectively is to reduce the content of saturated fat and replace with effective alternatives that are free from saturated fat or have low saturated fat content.

1.While preparing food involving meat, please ensure that you choose only leaner cuts of meat and also remove fat content in the meat wherever it is possible to remove.
2.You can try to downsize the intake of meat content in your daily diet program
3.Avoid using butter or margarine for cooking and instead replace them with olive oil or vegetable oil
4.Avoid using meat in stir-fries and instead replace that with nuts or tofu.
5.While eating sandwich, try to replace the cheese, which gels with sandwich, with avocado slices.
6.Avoid using fried potato and instead eat more of baked potatoes. Adding low-fat yogurt instead of a sour cream along with potato will be better.
7.Look for milk with lower-fat content instead of the normal milk that has more fat.
8.Use more of buttermilk in mashed potatoes and salad dressings, and avoid adding butter or mayonnaise.
9.Reduce or eliminate the use of meat, if you a non-veggie, and groundnuts, if you are a veggie, while preparing casseroles. Instead you can use more of vegetables such as beans.
10.If you are fond of desserts and ice creams after a meal, try to replace the ice cream and desserts with low-fat frozen yogurt.

The above-mentioned suggestions, if implemented and practiced, can help you avoid the ill-effects of saturated fat and will help in avoiding heart related diseases or other health related problems.

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