Ten Tips to Deal with People You Don’t Like

1. Ignore them. If you don’t like someone, then you don’t need to pretend that you like him or her. Besides, there is a high chance that the other person also doesn’t like you. Just put it this way – when you see each other, just proceed with what you’re doing as if you didn’t see anything.

2. When you’re with a group of people and the person you don’t like show up, excuse yourself and say ‘guys, it need to go now. My mom told me to buy her slimming pills.’ Do it with a giggle and don’t even look at the person.

3. If you don’t like someone, don’t attempt to make any conversation. When a friend asks you why you don’t like the other person, just say ‘I don’t know… I just don’t feel like talking because I’ve got bad breath, may be she’ll smell it’; you can say this in a whisper.

4. There are times when the people you really don’t like are also the ones that you usually encounter or see everyday. When you can’t avoid being in the company of the person, just tell the group that you need to hurry home because you forgot to brush your teeth and that you’re teeth are already turning yellow; do this while covering your mouth. Walk away briskly.

5. You can also communicate with them nicely if you can’t make an escape. But don’t be overly nice to them. You can even make a joke like ‘hey, do you know that someone here doesn’t like you?’ and try to smile mischievously.

6. Be polite and don’t try to spark dispute. Or you can also imagine them naked… you will surely laugh at the thought. But just don’t make it too obvious because the other person might suspect that you’re laughing at him.

7. If the other person always makes unkindly remarks, you can answer back in a nice way while maintaining your posture. ‘Why are you like that? Do I have manure on my face?’; ‘may be you need to look at yourself in the mirror’.

8. Give that person a gift – a jack in the box. That way, you can make the other person angry or happy. Just take a look at her/his surprised face. Somehow, you were able to bring out the feelings you have inside but in a reasonable way.

9. In a crowded place, you can trip the person you don’t like especially if he or she has been saying mean things to you in the past. No one will notice since it’s crowded anyway… and just keep on walking so that the other person will not notice.

10. If you can’t avoid the other person, you can always be civil in dealing with him or her. You can tell the other person that you don’t like his or her style in clothing and that it’s out of fashion; then give him or her some tips to dress properly.

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  1. A few of these “SUGGESTIONS” are not bad, a couple are down right childish nonsense. Number 9, you are advocating people to go out and trip others, they don’t like in crowded public areas. LUDICROUS, I don’t like u, can we meet on the subway platform tomorrow??

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