Ten Things to Consider about Garage Sales

1. You can’t find something new there. If you want to purchase new things, then you should shop in malls, department stores, or even in online stores. You can try asking the seller if they have new items for sale but don’t expect a nice answer at all times. You’re lucky if you can find a new item in a garage sale.

2. You need to be aware that garage sales differ. Some sellers want to get rid of their old stuffs while other sellers want to earn income. For great discounts, you can opt for the former. Surely you won’t buy from the latter if you’re looking for an old lampshade or rocking chair that you can use.

3. The early bird catches the worm, but then again you’re not going to catch a worm by going to garage sales. It’s true that you can find good items if you go to the garage sales early but if you want to take advantage of lower prices, it’s better to go there after lunch or when they are about to close. You can also leave a calling card if you’re interested in buying something but the seller doesn’t agree with your price. That way, when the item is not sold at the end of the day, you can be reached easily.

4. Bring a map. If you’re not familiar with the place, you can always purchase a map so that you will not get lost. With a map, you don’t need to ask for directions. Imagine if you ask someone who is playing tricks on you and that person pointed you in the wrong directions; instead of going to a garage sale, you were pointed to a junkyard.

5. If the garage sales are scheduled for several days, you can try the last day because the seller will usually be willing to give the items at a very low price since it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring the items inside the house again.

6. When you’re still searching for some items, you can hold the items that you like so that others will not be able to get it. Once you’ve gathered the items, you can now pick the ones that you will pay for. Just don’t bring the items home without paying for them. Try to be honest even if the seller is not looking.

7. If you think that some of the items are still priced too high, you can always ask the seller for a discount. You can say – ‘can I have this for 75 cents?’ If you ask politely, the seller might be willing to give it to you.

8. Inspect the items for wears and tears. The items are not brand new and it used already. Check for damage early on and you can still get a discount.

9. Learn to deal with sellers in a nice way.

10. When looking for garage sales, don’t look inside the house. The items are all located in the garage or on the yard.