Ten Silliest Questions Ever Asked

1. Are you still alive? Why would someone ask this question if you could see the other person walking, breathing, or talking! Now this is really silly. This is usually an expression used by youngsters and other people when they are upset or disappointed.

2. What’s my name? If someone would ask you this question, would you answer back? Before anyone else, only you know the answer. Just imagine asking this question to a stranger… you will probably see his eyes rolling or growing larger than usual. Even you could laugh out loud when you see their reaction. You’ll probably be able to ask this question when you have amnesia!

3. Does the sun set every night? Of course it does. Was there ever a time when you experienced twenty four hours of daylight? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west; everyday, you see this happening and so there is no point in asking this question. As long as the earth rotates on its axis and it revolves around the sun, the sun will set everyday.

4. Am I pregnant? Your friend enumerates all the tell-tale signs of pregnancy that she’s been experiencing and she suddenly pops up this question. What a woman! This question is also asked when someone who has had a sexual intercourse is experiencing a delay in her menstruation.

5. Am I beautiful? Someone shared with you her photos online and she asked this question. Don’t you think it’s immature and insecure? It’s easy to tell if you’re beautiful or not but just like mothers tell their daughters ‘no one is created ugly’. As long as your ‘inside’ is beautiful, it will surely shine through.

6. How long can I use my one-day pass? Tourists usually ask this silly question. As the name implies, it can only be used for one day and so you can’t expect that you can still use it the following day. If you want, you can get a one week pass instead.

7. How do you take a bath? This may be a question from someone who hardly takes any bath in this entire life. Anyone would know how to take a bath because you were already taught how since childhood. And don’t forget the water and soap…

8. Do you think the baby is hungry or what? Wrong terms to use… many people are poor in grammar as well as in spelling. Your child may even learn the wrong things since you can’t even construct the right sentence.

9. How do you surf on the net? Will you need a surfboard? A silly question from someone who is not familiar with the ways and expressions online; perhaps the person who asked this question is thinking about surfing online.

10. Is that the moon we see from home? The earth has only one moon and you can see it from any part of the world. Of course it’s the same moon, the same moon that the next generations will see long after you’ve gone.