Ten Signs of Web Games Addicts

1. You’re dreaming about the web games. When you’re an addict in web games, you will usually have dreams about it. In fact, in your dreams, you may appear as the character in the game. If you have the habit of talking while sleeping, you can ask your roommate or your brother/sister if you’re talking in your sleep and ask if it’s about web games.

2. You don’t feel at ease when you’re not able to play web games within the day. You’re irritated, disappointed, and you can’t seem to settle down. It’s like when you’re alone, you’re always imagining the game and you talk about it all the time. When friends ask you out, you tell them excuses like ‘I can’t go with you right now, my mom won’t let me out’

3. When you surf the net, you make it a point to check out the web games. You spend several hours in playing the games rather in conducting internet researches.

4. Fall asleep in school, not doing assignments, and worsening grades. These are very apparent among kids. Parents should look out for these symptoms because their kids might not be able to finish the school year.

5. Adults are also addicted in web games. Some of them confuse real life with the fantasy world online and it affects the relationship with family. For instance, you’re asking your husband to go to sleep but then he tells you ‘Go head, I‘ll be right there’. Eventually you fell asleep and when you wake up, he fell asleep on the computer table.

6. Very high utility bills. Since the web game addict spends countless hours online, the utility bills are also increasing every month. You can’t work well because you’re always thinking about the games and the friends you’ve met online.

7. Physical symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, back aches, sleep disturbances, and negligence in personal hygiene are very evident. You will often here these addicts complaining about these symptoms but they hesitate to seek medical help. When your friend or another family member complains about the symptoms, just tell them – ‘ask the character in the web games on how you can relieve the symptoms, perhaps they know the answer’

8. They become too distant and seem to have a world of their own. Addicts in web games tend to forget about their social life and just spend many hours playing in the computer. You will see them alone when not playing online or together with some friends who are also into web games. They talk about the games and how they can advance to the next level and other related stuffs.

9. Some web game addicts forget about their love life. Instead of dating their girlfriends, they would rather imagine having dates with the female characters of the game. They would even buy posters of these characters and place them in their bedrooms so that they can see the characters before falling asleep.

10. Too bored when not playing the game.

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  1. Whoever wrote this is just making up details. About half of this is fabricated garbage, and not medical advice by any means.
    If you have a problem with ANYTHING, get REAL help.
    Don’t listen to the crap on here.
    They have no idea what they’re talking about.
    It’s websites like this, who give advice to people who don’t know any better and they, in turn, think it’s something to invest themselves in.
    Sites like this, giving fabricated facts, are responsible for a lot of horrible things that have happened to confused people.

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