Ten Rules that Men Hope Women Knew

1. Don’t ask us if you think your fat because you can tell it yourself. Some women who already know that they’re fat tend to ask men the same question, as if they are hoping that you would say that they are slim.

2. Don’t ever cut your long hair. Men prefer women to have long beautiful hair but a lot of women often make the mistake of cutting their hair. Why would men want to be with women with extremely short hair who also looks like men?

3. Women should learn to live with the fact that men doesn’t always think about them.

4. Most men love pet dogs and they hate cats. So if you’re a woman and you have a pet cat, give it to a friend or perhaps a relative.

5. Men who are into sports usually go out during the weekend, so let them be. Don’t interfere with their routine. Don’t even think of asking him out to go shopping because it can’t be considered a sport.

6. You have too many clothes and shoes. What is it with women and too many clothes? Or shoes? Most women are unaware that they have so many stuffs that a lot of men don’t appreciate much. Men on the other hand, are contented having a few pieces of clean clothes that they can wear everyday. Just look at women who have lots of clothes and shoes; they often find it hard to wear the right clothes for the right occasion. They are like tops whirling around.

7. Men don’t like women who are too emotional and always crying. Women can cry for as much as they want but not all men like it. In fact, to them, it’s simply blackmail. A lot of women often make the mistake of thinking that they can get their way by crying in front of men but they are wrong.

8. Yes or No are great answers for men. Lots of women tend to say a lot of things when all they need to say is a yes or a no. Men don’t like too much talking and they would rather keep silent in most situations. When a man asks you – ‘Are you hungry?’, you don’t need to enumerate the foods that you want to eat or the food you ate at a party the other night. A simple ‘yes’ is enough.

9. Don’t fake things because men don’t like to be deceived. If you want to deceive men, make sure that you do it effectively because if you get caught, it’s a different thing. Some women make the mistake of deceiving men, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

10. Christopher Columbus was able to discover America without directions and so men also don’t need directions. Most men even hate using maps because they already know the directions. Women should therefore not insist in giving directions nor try to direct the lives of men. Men will simply laugh at you if you insist your will.

9 thoughts on “Ten Rules that Men Hope Women Knew”

  1. Gold. Absolute gold. Especially the hair bit, I mean, rarely do I ever see a girl who looks good with short hair. And the ‘Yes and No’ comment is also very true.

  2. Maybe entirely true to the one who wrote it… and to some who can not see past their own belly button. Besides, if men expect perfection from women, they would have to be perfect themselves to deserve it… but they aren’t! You see, there are many, MANY, things men do, and say, that women dislike and/or disagree with but we let them get away with them, most of the time, out of respect for the human being. But this is definitely not one of these occasions so… I hope you know what to do with your “rules”. And, mister, you seem to have a very particular problem with women… I wonder.

  3. 10. Christopher Columbus was able to discover America without directions…

    ~~Stupid male pig, he wasn’t looking for America.
    Ladies, this proves men are helpless, unintelligent babies.

  4. I’ve got to say this list is exactly how to behave if you want to be treated like doormat! “Men don’t like your cat so give it away” … honestly I have no words. As for women deceiving men, well, I know far more men who deceive women than the other way round. Was this list written by Cheryl Cole by any chance? The sad thing is that many girls follow these rules in the hope that they’ll find a guy who loves them. If you have to pretend to be someone you’re not to keep your man he’s not worth keeping!

  5. Is this for real? Anyone who actually takes this seriously should be hit over the head with a thick metal bar. Really? Give away my cat? I’m not allowed to cut my own damn hair? I have to have a limit on my clothes in order to please you? Fuck this, I’m becoming a lesbian!

  6. Ha!!!its really funny)))))7th point is the best)))))my boyfriend hates when i become crying because of his carelessness.

  7. haha wow. yeah buddy if this is what you’re looking for ‘jill’ is probably your best bet there… let me inform you…

    1. Every woman is going to ask that question, if a woman repeatidly asks that question to you then she’s obviously not getting complimented enough by you. So there’s a hint.

    2. I actually have short natural red hair and have almost always had short hair. I don’t think I’m the best thing to hit this earth, but I do get hit on a lot and most importantly I have a boyfriend who absolutely loves it. Long hair is not necessary for every woman to look her best.

    3. Not all women expect their man to be constantly thinking about them – and if your woman is thinking about you – she’s probably thinking about how much of a prick you are.

    4. My boyfriend actually brought my cat home to me as a surprise… so by giving it to a friend… I would upset him… not make him happy.

    5. My boyfriend is into sports, but so am I. That’s one of the reason he loves me – we’re into the same hobbies and activities. When he goes hunting or fishing we go together. When he plays softball he WANTS me to go with. Some weekends we do go our seperate ways and do our own thing. But being able to share things like that TOGETHER…THAT is what makes a good relatioship.

    6. If you’d like to see a woman running around trying to find an outfit then go ahead and take away some of her clothes and shoes – the less there is to work with the harder it is to find a good enough outfit. It’s part of being a woman if you don’t feel like you look good, then it affects your mood. And if you’re so concerned about a woman’s hair length then I’m sure you’d want your woman to dress well too.

    7. All women are emotional. We WILL cry as much as we want and we enjoy crying just as much as you enjoy hearing and watching us cry. If your girl is crying you’re probably doing something wrong judging your attitude you jack a**. And if you think you’re getting your way by being upset with a woman when she is crying… then you sir, are WRONG. Every time you let a girl cry or get mad at her for being unable to control natural emotions, then all you’re doing is pushing her away from you and making her lose more and more respect for you – whether she says so or not.

    8. Yes or No huh? Well having any kind of relationship that will last required some sort of conversation. If you lose the ability to hold a conversation with a woman, she will start losing interest in you. If you don’t want to listen to what she has to say, then don’t ask a question. And FYI even guys expect conversation – Gay or Straight. It’s what keeps people connected and interested.

    9. If you don’t want women to deceive you – then what in the h*ll are you doing trying to CHANGE them?! WOW.

    10. Chinese men invented the compass and then passed their knowledge on to Marco Polo. Marco Polo – also a man – brought this information back. Columbus – who by now is clearly a man – then used the compass to navigate his way accross the ocean. The compass (that all of these men had complete faith in) got the man Columbus completely lost – where he discovered ‘The New World’ which would eventually become America. America being the land of the FREE where women no longer have to bow down to those disgusting men that try to control them. Women are free to be with GOOD men of their choice that would probably beat your ass dude.

    SO good luck with that! :]

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