Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Provide Marriage Advice

1. You’re still single. There is no point in giving any marriage advice if you’re still single because you don’t have any experience yet. Just enjoy your single days and find the perfect mate.

2. You’re also experiencing problems in your marriage. If you give advice to a close friend who is also married, he or she might blame you if your advice does not work. Giving advice is not easy and your friend might even tell you – ‘why are you giving me advice if your marriage isn’t even working?’

3. You are divorced. If you’re divorced, it only means that the marriage did not work and so you can’t possibly give marriage advice. Others might even think that you’re simply trying to break up another marriage so that couples can also end up the same way as you.

4. Marriage advice is no joke. Instead of giving advice, why don’t you just tell the person that the internet can provide all the pieces of advice he or she needs. The internet is far more powerful and knowledgeable than you, right?

5. You can’t provide advice because you’re not a preacher or an expert in marriage counseling. If you want to give advice, you must become a marriage counselor or better yet, why don’t you become a priest or a preacher?!

6. The couple will simply work out their relationship in due time. It’s natural for married couples to fight over things and they can resolve their problems on their own. Just think of it this way – they are adults and besides, you know nothing about their problems or troubles. Giving advice can only make matters worse especially if the ones you provide are ineffective.

7. The couple did not ask for any advice from you. It’s not good to give advice when it’s not even wanted. If you do this, you will only get remarks like – ‘Mind your own business!’ or ‘What do you care?’ Marriage problems can be complicated and you can’t just enter the scene and say ‘Hey, I’ve got some great advice for you to make your marriage work.’ You will look like a fool if you do this.

8. You’re the one who’s having problems. How can you give advice to yourself? As other people always say, it’s easier to give advice to others but when it comes to your personal situation you can’t apply those pieces of advice. It’s different when you’re the one who’s experiencing the problems.

9. You’re not feeling well. Even if your friend talks about his or her marriage problems all day long, you won’t be able to hear him/her out and give the needed advice. Take a medicine first so that you’ll start feeling well again.

10. You’re too busy with your work and you hardly have time to listen to the problems of others. You work 5-6 days a week everyday and sometimes, you also work overtime. How can you give marriage advice if you’re too tired to even listen?

One thought on “Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Provide Marriage Advice”

  1. You say

    “Why You Shouldn’t Provide Marriage Advice
    1. You’re still single….”

    And in the same breath you say
    “…find the perfect mate”

    So by the look of this logic, you, the author, are married.
    And you say in the very first of ten, which means it is the most important concept and most thought out by you, that a married person is 100% qualified to give a single person advice because you do that, you say “…find the perfect mate” but according to you, the single person has no capacity to discern the workings of the married mind enough to give any advice for them.

    that’s laughable

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