Ten Reasons Why Some People Don’t Want to Become a Millionaire

1. You won the lottery but then you didn’t claim your prize because for you, everything was just for fun. Anyone who plays the lottery is entitled to claim the prize but since you’re playing for fun, you won’t need the prize.

2. You enjoy eating in fast foods. If you become a millionaire, you will no longer be able to eat in fast foods without your bodyguards. Your elite friends will also prefer to eat in fine restaurants and hotels. If you’re not used to this kind of environment, you will feel out of place. Who can forget the burgers, fries, pizza, and other fast food orders?! It’s a lot more fun eating out in fast food chains because you get to see different kinds of people.

3. You enjoy calling ‘phone pals’. If you become a millionaire, you will have less time in making phone calls because someone else will do it for you. It’s really fun to spend countless hours on the phone, talking to a ‘real’ friend.

4. You’re afraid that you don’t have enough places to store your fortune. Where in the world would you keep your money if you become a millionaire? Whereas if you’re in the middle class, you don’t have to worry about such things; you might even be more worried to find money. If you’re rich, you will only become problematic when it comes to storing your money.

5. For you, millionaires suck. You don’t want to become a millionaire because you don’t like them at all. You’d rather remain in your present lifestyle and mingle with simple people like you. It’s a lot more fun being an ordinary individual.

6. You instantly demand an audit from the IRS. Calling the IRS for a personal audit is not very common and if you do this, you’ll be the laughing stock of other people.

7. You’re scared that your distant relatives will come visit you everyday. Well, perhaps you’ve already experienced having not-so-good relatives and you tend to distance yourself from them. However, if you become a millionaire, every one of them will surely come looking for you, hoping to get some ‘blessings’ from you.

8. You’re already a millionaire. Why would you desire to be a millionaire if you’re already rich? There is no point in desiring for more money because you already possess them.

9. You don’t want to ride a limousine. It’s embarrassing for you to come out of the limo while everyone has their eyes on you. You’d rather ride a bumpy old car and no one will even bother to look at you. You don’t need expensive cars or other things that will only draw unnecessary attention.

10. You’re scared of robbers or thieves. If you become a millionaire, you’re a hot sight for robbers. You might even get killed if you come across these unscrupulous individuals. Whereas, if you’re a simple person no one will take advantage of your situation so why choose to be rich?

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