Ten Funny Truths about Women

1.When a woman asks you this question – “Am I pretty?” or “How do I look? Am I gorgeous or what?” Never give an honest answer because if you do, all you will get is a slap on the face.

2.Women can dance together without everyone else making a fuss about it but when you see men dancing together, that’s a different thing. Perhaps it has something to do with society since being gay is usually more of an issue in this world.

3.Women keep lots of things inside their bathroom and on their dressers. These things can even reach hundreds and they know which ones they are going to use. This is already part of their daily routine and they are not comfortable without them.

4.Women will do everything just to make their underarms, knees, and elbows fairer. Lots of women have darker shades in these body areas. Some women will tend to use different kinds of natural remedies just to achieve their goals. Even if they appear like fools, they are willing to indulge in almost everything in the name of beauty.

5.Women don’t want to be caught off guard especially when they’ve just woken up. Never go inside the room of a woman when she wakes up in the morning because she will usually run quickly to the bathroom. It seems that women are at their most vulnerable state after waking up.

6.Most people want to grow hair especially when they get older but women want to get rid of the hairs in their body which includes the hair on their armpits and legs. They spend a great deal of time and money in getting rid of unwanted body hairs.

7.They talk about men a lot. Are you aware that most women especially when they are in groups talk about men all the time? Some of them even make it a habit to do ‘people watch’. When a guy passes by, women would usually giggle and give different comments about the person. But when they experience the same situation, they would instantly get mad about it.

8.When you’re trying to look for something, ask women and they will know where to look for it. Women can be freaky because they always manage to keep all their stuffs in a neat way. No wonder they don’t spend more than a minute to locate a certain thing. Even if their room is full of different stuffs or items, they can easily find what they are looking for.

9.Lots of women assume the role of the man that they wanted to marry. In this imperfect world, it’s hard to find the ideal man that you can spend the rest of your life with and so most married women simply become the man of their dreams.

10. When women are right about something, you will no longer hear anything from them. They will just sit there and keep quiet; whereas men will usually keep on talking when they are right.

One thought on “Ten Funny Truths about Women”

  1. Labeling something true does not make it true. Men are supposed to be superior at logic, I’d almost take this article as a disproof.
    Perhaps don’t label your random thoughts as truth when it appears you are just blabbering about a failed or failing relationship.

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