Ten Fun Things to Do During Examinations

1. Bring your favorite pillow. When you get to the classroom, put the pillow on your desk and go to sleep. Set an alarm so that you can wake up fifteen minutes before the end of the examination. When you hear the alarm, wake up and say “oh, I’d better answer these questions now…” Do some nonsense work and submit your paper a couple of minutes early.

2. Sneak in the faculty room and photocopy the examination paper. When you finally got the paper, run out of the room and yell at your classmates – “Hey guys, here in my hands lies the answer to your worries!”

3. Try to be creative in answering your exam papers. For instance, when you’re answering a science or math exam, your answer should be in long essay form. And if you’re answering the essay exams, try to answer with symbols and numbers. Just do it the other way around. If you’re asked to shade the circles of the right answer, box the answer instead.

4. Get your exam paper and make a paper boat or perhaps an airplane. If you choose the latter, aim it at the instructor’s face, particularly the nostrils. Just imagine seeing your instructor flare up and his nostrils turning red with anger.

5. When you get the exam paper, read the questions one by one but you need to read it out loud. Answer the questions and try to debate the answers you provide. When the instructor tells you to stop, tell him this – “how in the world did you read my thoughts?!” After saying these words, you can now say some not-so-nice thing about your professor.

6. When you enter the room, let the cheerleaders of your school walk in first. Tell them to make a performance that can consume the entire period of the subject.

7. During the scheduled exam, got to your class. Wait until the professor gives you the exam paper. Pretend to read the exams and after 5 minutes, tell your professor that you don’t understand any of the questions. “I have attended your classes everyday and listened to all your lectures but why doesn’t these questions ring a bell?”

8. Upon receiving your exam papers, get your Gameboy or any other game gear and start playing. Don’t forget to put the sound of the game at maximum level.

9. If the exams are in essay form, try to reason out why you can’t answer the questions. Again, you need to be creative. For instance, you can reason out that if you answer such question, it’s going to conflict with your religious beliefs.

10. Bring your favorite pet. On the day of the exam, bring your favorite pet. Introduce your pet to all your classmates including your professor. Stand in front of the class and tell a story about how you got your pet as well as your daily routine activities together. If the instructor tells you to sit down, tell him that you’re not even finished yet.