Ten cool tricks to enhance your basketball skills

Having great number of coaches and trainers are not sufficient to become a good player of basketball. Mostly the skill has to come out of your inner core. It has to come out of your confidence. Of course, the coaching and training sessions are important part of the game and they will help you to improve your game a lot. The point is that the game has to come out of your soul. You should be the charging person in the game with the ball at your control.

Trick #1

Do not stick to your preferences or your style of the game. If you stick to a particular style, then your opponent will find it easy to exploit that preference. Consider that you have a preference of dribbling the ball by your left hand always, and then definitely your opponent will overplay that one to make you lose the ball. Your preferences will ruin your game.

Trick #2

Learn to “square up”. Squaring up is an aggressive offence which will make your opponent freeze. This gives you a lot of possible ways to move in either right or left or straight. Definitely, your opponent cannot predict your next possible action. This puts you in an upper hand and your opponent in a vulnerable position, which you can easily exploit.

Now let us discuss the ways to avoid an opponent trying to ‘square up” before you. First thing is, do not give him an easy ball. In his struggle to gather the ball, he will lose his chance for “squaring up”. Even if he gets the ball, immediately make him to move in a direction of his least preference

Trick #3

Passing the ball smoothly is an important trick to learn. The entire game depends on these passes. A simple pass is a smooth pass that always reaches its destination. . Nobody should be able to intercept it. The optimal distance of an effective pass is between 12 feet to 18 feet. Your opponent will easily intercept any long distance passes.

Trick #4

While dribbling, you are not supposed to look at the ball. It is not necessary. A feel of the ball is sufficient. With that feel, you can move around and see everything to make your best possible traits. If your face droops to the ball then you will miss your opponent’s moves.

Trick #5

Do not dribble for a long period. Immediately on seeing your teammate, pass him the ball. They are opening up the difficult lanes for the only purpose of obtaining the ball. If you are not regular in passing the ball towards your mates, then they will not put their effort to open before you. Make sure to dribble quickly with a minimum possible time.

Trick #6

Learn to spin and dribble. Whenever an opponent is blocking your way, the spin dribble will be a useful move for you. Make sure you master it thoroughly so that you will be able to execute it in a smooth and perfect manner. However, while spinning, you lose the sight of your opponent for a second and you should be ready for this. At that time, the other opponents who are seeing you spin, may try to corner you on the spot. Finally, there is a possibility of you losing your balance. Keeping all these negative points in mind, try to execute the spin and dribble for your advantage.

Trick #7

Changing your pace or rather, pretending to change your pace is a wonderful trick to deceive your mighty opponent. While you are hard running towards your target and you see your opponent is in the way to block you, then straighten up your head and torso which make you look like slowing down, will in turn make your opponent slow down and you can exploit that minute gap to execute your plan.

Trick #8

While shooting the ball towards the hoop you need to take care of many things. First, know your shooting range. If you are, too far away than necessary then you may miss the target, and if you try to go closer, you may lose the chance to shoot it. Therefore, it is a dilemma. Use your smartness to decide about it on the spot.

Trick #9

Some important Do’s

I. Always try for an easy pass
II. Try to do some fake passes before you find your lane partly opened for you.
III. Try to get a view of the entire floor while looking at the basket.
IV. To get a better passing angle, dribble the ball for a while

Trick #10

Some important Don’ts

I. Do not respond to the voice calls
II. Passing the ball to another player who is already in trouble is not advisable.
III. Do not under estimate your opponent and his plans.

All tricks we above mentioned are only a fraction of the knowledge required for the game. The game cannot be paper defined or cannot be taught from a single person. It needs commitment. It needs some zeal inside you to reach the target. All these things entirely depend on the practice you are going to have for the game. Perfection comes with practice.