3 Smart Things Plants Can Do

Plants don’t have a brain! But they can do some pretty damn smart stuff, that some humans have trouble doing.

1. Reproduce

They reproduce, who ever said sex is something you don’t need brains to do, is right. The plants use pollen and the pollen goes on a ovum. The pollen is carried by the wind or bee’s. Ovum is the equal of an egg in need of a fertilization. Pollen is like Sperm but the plant equivalent.

2.Respond To Stress

Plants, what would they stress about? Because plants can’t move and they have to depend on good weather. They have some stress signals and tactics for cases like: High Salinity, Heat and Chill.  Though their tactics to survive only work for short periods, if it is a long period stress they die.

3.Plants Can Kill You

Plants can kill you, but there is no need. Some plants produce waste, like the waste you produce but poisonous.  Other plants have toxins that they can release when a prey threatens to eat them. Though these toxins have been used for medical reasons too. Like opium poppies, a deadly alkaloid, it has been used as medicine for long times in form of codeine and morphine.