Fun Facts about Pigs

Fun Facts about Pigs

Pigs were once a different kind of animal entirely, they were called razorbacks and would hunt for food. After years of spending time in farms as livestock they become docile and lazy animals. They do have had some interesting evolutionary traits from scavenger to livestock here are some.

  • Pigs don’t look like much but they have been proven to be smarter than dogs and even some primates. Years of playing around hasn’t done much for their physical evolution but their brains have gained some extra cells.
  • Pigs are often considered dirty creatures because they stay on muddy surfaces and eat their own feces. Mud is usually cold because it is made thanks to the rain, this allows the pigs to cool themselves on it. That is why they are always rolling in it and spend most of their time. Pigs also eat their own feces but that is only because of the conditions in the farms they are kept. Farms they are kept at are very small and crowded hence why there is feces everywhere. Pigs will eat feces if they are surrounded by it but if the hygiene of the farm is kept clean, the pigs will also do their best to keep it clean. Another fun fact is that in India they have a thing called pig toilet, where the human will use the bathroom and leave his feces for the pig to eat. These are slowly disappearing nowadays.
  • Why do some religions ban the consummation of pig? Because not only are they considered dirty but they have many parasite and infections that humans can contract easily. That is why when cooking pork you must cook it really well so it is not raw. Influenza is one of the diseases they share with humans.
  • Pigs can’t look up to the sky because of their physiology.

Facts about Pigs

Some regard them as the dirtiest animal on earth, some like to eat them. Lets talk about pigs!

-Pigs are mammals and are warm bloodied like all other mammals.

-Pigs are domesticated for their meat but they grow very smart with humans.

-Males are called Boars and female barrows.

-Pigs can live up to 15 years, they have good eyesight, sense of smell and hearing.

-Pigs can’t sweat like other mammals so they swallow mud to keep cool.

-Pigs have 44 teeth.

-The pig’s big nose is called a snout, big boars like to use it as a weapon.

-The skin in all pig is suppose to be shiny if their healthy.

-Pigs often explore strange things with their mouths, so strangers going near them be cautious.

-Pigs are omnivorous like humans, they eat both veggies and meat.

-The pig’s foot has 4 toes.

-Pigs have the same digestive system as rabbits and humans.