Top 10 reasons to go size 0

What is size 0 [1]? Is it simply an US clothing size standard? Certainly it is not! If you go by the definition it is actually the smallest size. It would fit women with vital stats between 30-22-32 and 33-25-35 inches. It is this idea of fitting into a size 0 dress has consumed every fashion-conscious woman. With the A-list stars crash dieting to secure this alluring size, more and more women are following their footsteps. To be or not to be a size 0 has become a never-ending debate; there are a large number against it as they fear anorexia is a by-product of being size 0. But we will tell you that this 0 size is not all that bad and all the reasons for flaunting it.

More healthy: That beautiful crimson red dress which you bought for a whooping 150 dollars remains in your cupboard untouched for almost 2 years now. The reason behind this is that you have gained so much weight that it does not fit you any longer. Fat is small word with a BIG consequence! It is something that can easily get you if you do not take proper care of yourself. Size 0 can be achieved by working out, eating healthy and doing your regular chores. It not only makes you fit into your favorite dress but also make you live a more disciplined life. Oh, yes, you save money on medicines and visiting doctors.

Look better: There cannot be anything worse than having a sagging stomach. Though the term “love handles” could sound cute but there is nothing lovely about these. There are so many teenagers who suffer from obesity as they overeat. Overeating is a bad habit that mostly their parents get them into. Little children look cute with their baby fat but if this fat does not wear off with age soon it turns into obesity. Being a size 0 is just a way to stay in shape. Actor Kate Moss has rightly said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” [2].

Make people jealous around you: When a guy looks at you with appreciative eyes, you feel great but you feel even better when a girl looks at you with jealousy. A woman who is size 0 is not voluptuous but nevertheless she looks gorgeous. She looks extremely smart too. Moreover, imagine you are going for a vacation in Miami and have every intention of putting on your hottest bikini. With a size 0 you can wear anything with complete ease without any extra flab that looks simply hideous! Most people consider size 0 to be very attractive [3].

Increased self confidence: Believe it or not but a woman sporting size 0 is much more confident about her. Nor is she picked up by her friends or colleagues for being fat. She feels surer about everything and is ready to take on challenges. A board meeting or handling a new project, you will get the zeal from inside to do something constructive. You will also get constant attention from your friends, which boasts up your confidence levels. Your kids will definitely vote as the most gorgeous looking mom in this World!

Feel fresher: Only a small fraction of people know that size 0 can actually make you feel fresh. With constant workout sessions, eating what is right and practicing yoga and other exercises will only make one feel fresher. Weight issues tend to bog one down but a person with size 0 is always lively.

Your favorite star is a size 0 as well: Your favorite star is a size 0 as well: Most of us wish if we could even have the slightest resemblance to our favorite stars. Though David Haslam [4] who is the National Obesity Forum’s director feels that size 0 is just another passing fashion sported by actors like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan and it should not be promoted. It should be kept in mind that these actors achieve such enviable figure by proper consultation from their nutritionists who prepare a balanced food chart for them. It is not always about only superficial beauty!

Be happier: Obesity can cause depression in an individual. A person with “too much” weight gets very conscious and in some cases refrain from meeting friends or going out for parties. Even while going shopping, they feel different from the rest and become over-sensitive and experience mood swings. Whereas a person with size 0 has no such issues as she feels happy from inside. As she is comfortable under her skin, it shows on her face too [5].

Fit into all fashionable clothes: Top designers labels are all aiming to woo the size 0 crowds. Imagine Victoria Beckham’s range of skinny jeans on a fat woman? It would be a complete disaster. The whole idea of getting into skinny clothes, which are quite fashionable, can make you feel on cloud 9. Gone are the days where skinny girls had to check out the kid’s section for their clothes, their clothes these days dominate the racks of fashion stores. For an ultra chic look, your aim should be to fit into size 0 clothes.

It is not that you have to crash diet for it: It is a myth that all size 0 women are anorexic or suffers from any eating disorder. One does not have to refrain from eating their favorite pie or eat everything and then puke it off. Neither do you have to consume any chemical like the so-called, “size-0 pill”. Not all women who are size-0 are unhealthy. They do not crash diet but take in frequent healthy meals. Have a very balanced meal, which also includes the essential carbohydrates and fats; just do not over-eat. Something that we do not realize is that we consume large quantity of “junk foods” containing lots of oil. The shift should be on quality food, which gives you enough energy to carry on with your regular chores. With a proper digestion rate that is achieved through working out, you can be size 0 even after eating well.

Definitely have more takers: Though there are people who have said that men find mid-sized women [6] more attractive but you will find that is not true with men drooling for you when you have a perfectly toned, size-0 figure. With greater confidence and a charisma about you, men will have to ask you out!!







DISCLAIMER: The data, information, and facts have been compiled by the writer and not those of the website. The write-up has been prepared to stress on the importance of staying healthy. There are far more number of people suffering from blood sugar, heart diseases and other obesity-related diseases than anorexia or bulimia. And, it is really important to get the habit of staying fit and healthy from young age. Size zero concept may help us consult a nutrition expert to design an ideal diet chart. The intentions are to provide the readers with some fun facts and food for thought and we bear no liability whatsoever for a reader’s action in particular or consequential damages. This site and the material would not be provided without such limitations.