Stupidity is Everywhere.

Some people believe that there are some places where there is only place for seriousness , such as a court.

But these conversations proves otherwise. That there is a place from human stupidity in even the most serious of places.

All these things were actual said in real courts by real people and everything is recorded in court, so somewhere there is an archive containing this.

”Where is The Hospital ?’

Q: ”The hospital is to the right?”

A:” It was on this side.”

Q:”When you say this side can you say left or right ?”

A:”Sure, left or right.”

”Marriage Termination”

Q: How was your first marriage terminated?

A: By Death.

Q: And by whose death was it terminated.

”Reaction To Stabbing”

Q: How would somebody react, being stabbed six times in this fashion?

A: Well, it might slow him down a little.


”Court Description”

Q: Can you describe this individual?

A: He was about medium height and had a beard.

Q: Was this a male or female?

”Dead or Alive”

Q: What happened then?

A: He said, I`ll have to kill you now because you can identify me.

Q: Did he kill you?

A: No.