Stupid Lawsuits Part 2

This my part 2 of the idiotic lawsuits, the trend continues with other outrageous lawsuits..Enjoy

The Plaintiff:Dave Feuerstein
The Defendant: Tesco Supermarkets, an english chain of supermarkets,duh.
The Lawsuit : At the time that Dave went to Tesco they had special offers, lots of them. He believes there were too many.
Because apparently carrying all the stuff he bought from special offers etc.., gave him back pain. He said “these offers are too good, Tesco should be more considerate and not make such offers.
If Tesco didn’t have this offer, I wouldn’t have hurt my back.”
The Verdict: Saddly the verdict is unknown till this day but if common sense was believed to be involved, we know who won and lost.

The Plaintiff:Two College students
The Defendant: Pace University, New York
The Lawsuit : The student had been given an introductionary assignement.The homework was to find the cost of an aluminum atom. The answer was $6.2205446335 x 10(-26) a trillionth times then a penny.
The students caused a fuss and brought the teacher court because they believed this was way to hard for an introductionary work.
The Verdict: And apparently the judge must have been through the same homework once, since he did find the teacher guilty of “educational malpractice”.

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