Stumblers on Beauty – How to look beautiful?

Is beauty for everyone? From the days of the Queen of Sheba to the days of the Jersey Lily, beauty has played a role in the power struggle among dynasties and in the lives of the most powerful of men. The question of how to be beautiful also answers the question of how to be powerful. This question is far more important to the female than any other kind of abstract subject. If women are to control, influence, and govern the adoration of their fathers, brothers, lovers, husbands, or even cousins, they must be able to look their best at all times.

It is a fact that not all women are born with good features; despite this, they can look pretty well. That is, deformities can be corrected and they can develop a more beautiful physique. The first step towards beauty deals with having good health and its first element is cleanliness. Keep everything clean, wash yourself, and bathe consistently. All the skin wants is action and it will take care of itself. In bathing, it is not recommended to plunge directly into ice-cold water because it takes a woman with strong constitution and grit to endure such. And if hot bath is preferred, it should be taken prior to sleeping because there is less potential of taking cold after.

Using a flesh-brush can provide benefits and you should thoroughly rinse off any leftover soap-suds afterwards by rubbing yourself with coarse bathing gloves. The most essential aspect in bathing is the act of drying; the whole body must be rubbed until it becomes glowingly red. A crash towel should be used to finish off the drying. If inadequate friction is given, using bay rum at the palm of the hand can be efficacious. The ladies who have enough leisure time can take a sponge bath thrice a week and a sun bath daily. In order to aid this practice, living in the east or south of the apartment is preferred. When the woman denudes herself and sits close to the winder, she will be able to get the warm rays of the sun.

The effects of these rays can be delightful. But if she is restless, she can dance in the sunlight instead. On the other hand, if she does not like to dance, an alternative would be to brush her hair using pulverized borax and sulfur water. She will be able to wipe off the dust from the previous day from her locks. Such care is not necessary for the head but it is good for the hair.

A highly useful item in the toilet is ammonia. Putting a few drops of this into the water will clean out the pores. Wash the face using flesh-brush and putting this on the lips will tone its color. It would be great to bathe the eyes as well because it will increase its brightness. Remember to always rub the eyes towards the nose when washing. And if the eyebrows are irregular, make it a point to pinch the hair where they are the thickest. But if the eyebrows show the tendency to meet, you need to avoid this by pulling out the hair.

Orientalism can turn a woman’s attention to her eyelashes; it must be long and drooping because otherwise, it is worthless. The desire for this feature is so prevalent that make-up artists and hairdressers inevitably have a lot of customers who want to invigorate their lashes and eyebrows. In order to obtain the beautiful results you want, put a balsam of nitric oxid mixed with a leaf of lead into its roots. After the application, wash it with camel’s brush dipped in milk. Tiny scissors must be used to trim the lashes every other day. Once you get the results, avoid touching the lids with your finger. More beauty is contained in the eyebrows and in the sweeping lashes than most people are aware of. Usually, lusterless eyes can achieve beauty when it is fringed with elongated lashes. Many women have this habit of rubbing their eyes to remove dust; but unless this action is done with minimal friction, the hair will become space. It may be necessary to pencil the eye’s corners. And instead of putting perfume on your handkerchief, put the perfume on the earlobes and in the eyebrows.

If you have a problem with thick lips, it can be reduced through compression. On the other hand, if you have a problem with thin lips, it can be modified through suction. This will draw blood to the surface which will produce inflation. There is a mistaken perception that biting your lips will redden them but the skin there is actually very thin. Biting then will make it susceptible to derangement, parchment, and even scarring. But above all things, keep in mind to have good breath all the time.

It is impossible for everyone to have beautiful hands but there is no reason why it should be ill-kept. Red hands can be resolved by putting the feet into hot water regularly. And if your skin is dry and hard, use oat-meal soap and tar; saturate it with glycerine. Make it a point to wear gloves when you go to sleep as well. Remember not to bathe your hands in hot water and don’t wash when it is unnecessary. There are many women who have while, soft hands; they do not put them into water. Instead, they use rubber gloves when using the toiler. Their hands are cared for using glycerin and it is dried by using cotton flannel or chamois-skin. The same treatment can also be applied to the face with similar results. If these methods are used, it might be best to keep it from men.

Secrets of Beauty

“Fashion” is also evident in complexion as it is in boots and bonnets. Sometimes, it is seen as nature; other times, it is seen as art. In the latter case, there is an inferior phase that has not yet reached the point of “concealment”. This is the point where extremes and artifice perfection meets to present artlessness. No person with an observant mind, ones who are used to English matrons and maids, can possibly deny that make-up has an amateurish aspect. Reds and whites will glow one week after another in the unskilled hands of a wearer of these “false colors”. This is a person who dislikes asking for advice on such as delicate subject because asking might not be well-received.

The prevalent narrow-mindedness of our times is partly because of the excessive use of powder and rouge. The wearer of the powder sees herself far away; she knows she is incapable of judging her complexion when it is almost touching a mirror. And when she is standing far away, she accentuates her flowers in a way that looks pleasing rather than starting a person with a long sight. She also cannot tone down the rouge and her powdered hair. But take note that powder is only to be used in the evening because it will look dreadful in the morning.

On the other hand though, there are also some women who are clever enough in using make-up on their faces that a person is inclined to permit the practice because of the result. However, these types of women are the minority and it is highly likely that this will be the prevailing trend because they will not share their secrets.

Confidence can also reveal new beauty. One of the clever ones asked her friend at a party who was rubbing her cheeks thoroughly with a coarse towel, “Must you always do that?”

“Of course, every time I come in after walking or riding. Why?”

“It is no wonder that you look older than you are. You are wearing out your skin!”

“But I need to wash.”

“Of course you need to wash but not like that. Now, listen to my advice; don’t wash before or after you go out for fresh air because it will injure the skin. Look into this mirror; do you see the streakiness of your skin and the lines around your eyes? That is the result of your assault on your complexion. You already look older at this moment than when you did ten minutes ago at the park.”

“Well, I do. I now look enough to be your mother. You always looked so young.”

“It is because I try to take care of my skin. I use rain-water and if it is impossible to get, I try to use filtered water. And when I go to dinner, I use milk for my face and add hot water to make it pleasant. And a fine towel and soft sponge take the place of the coarse towel you are using.”

About two or three years ago, there was a lady of Oriental descent. She spent a season in London, she has a brownish complexion with a tinge of yellow and her features were irregular. But it was redeemed by lovely and very expressive eyes and her perfect taste in clothes that she attracted attention wherever she went. She was always dressed in the dullest russets, crimsons, or rich brown colors; she managed to give off hints and suggestions. Brilliant amber and scarlet will appear where they should to impact brilliance to her coloring and abstract the yellow from the skin. There is also a knot of gold satin at her throat, the rim of her bonnet, and even at the lace at the wrists which brightens up her subdued costume. Her clothes always look as if it had been designed by a colorist and her rouge is really unnecessary. The surroundings seem to be arranged for her complexion instead of the other way around.

Aside from the disagreeable feeling of having make-up on the face though, you must remember that using white powder can destroy the skin’s texture. It will make it dry and rough later on. The author of “Book of Perfumes”, Rimmel, actually said that rouge itself is actually harmless but that white cosmetics can consist of other substances that can damage the health. So he advices any actors or actress to choose cosmetics will utter care in order to preserve their complexion. They should also observe the following routine: rest, open air, exercise, and cold water.

In another chapter of the book, the author states that schonada which is the cosmetic popular among Arabs is innocuous and effective at the same time. It consists of sublimated benzion which acts as a stimulant to the skin. It gives natural colors without the inconveniences associated with European cosmetics. It is a well-know fact that a white powder named bismuth can injure the nerves when used constantly; it can even cause paralysis because of its lead content.

In putting make-up to the eyes, the most important thing to remember is not to put anything that can injure it. Using kohl or kohol may be quite harmless. Egyptian ladies use kohol that is created by burning almonds. A small bag of kohol and a rounded-point pin are part of the toiletries of beautiful women in Cairo. However, women in Cairo make the mistake of beautifying their eyes the exact same way and their sisters in England also make the same mistake. The hairpin that is soaked in lampblack is often the method of darkening the eyes in England. Cologne is also sometimes dropped to the eyes in the effort to make them brighter; this method can be quite painful and it is believed that half dozen whiskey of the same quantity can be quite as effective when ingested with a lump of sugar.

High Heels

Women will look taller and slimmer when she wears a long dress compared to when she is dressed in a short costume. In addition, there is always a way of showing her week by making the front of the dress shorter; this also gives a youthful appeal to any train dress. The greatest attention must be concentrated at the feet of the train dress. However, high heels are quite forbidden by fashion because only boots are cheap shoes can be worn by the common people. In fact, a good boot-maker is not making any high heels right now even if they are paid almost double to do so.

If you are wearing boots, you can wear stockings because no one will see them anyway. But if you decide to wear shoes, you should match your stockings with your dress. Scotch thread, floss silk, or even cotton stockings can be used for walking. Meanwhile, the silk stockings are best for evening wear. Day stockings need to be the same color as the dress you’re wearing but you can wear it dotted, stripped, and shaded depending on your preference. Take note that white stockings are forbidden during daytime.

Appear Graceful when Walking

The real secret of walking and standing erectly is the keep the chin away from the breast. You need to throw your head in a backward and upward position; the shoulders will naturally straighten to their natural position when you do this as well. People who stoop when walking will generally look downward but the proper way is actually to look straight ahead at eye level. If you have the tendency to stoop though, you need to look above instead of below eye level. It is said that mountaineers are “straight as an arrow” because they need to look upward most of the time. It is impossible to stoop when walking when you follow this rule. You will notice that round-shouldered people have their chin pointing downward and they are carrying it near their breast. So heed the warning this time and follow your grandmother’s advice; this is because bad habits are more easily prevented than cured.

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