Street Fighter Made me and Atheist – Honest Movie Review

This movie…this movie.  I blame director Andrzej Bartkowiak’s “Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun Li” for my loss of faith in God.  Seriously, Uwe Boll could have done this better.

I know what sinister energies brought this movie to bare, but as a critic it isn’t my job to talk about videogame tie-ins.  This movie doesn’t seem like it was terrible on purpose – it seems like it actually wants you to hate it.  It takes the premise of an action movie but strips out any good fighting.  There are sexy female characters, but they aren’t naked enough to justify this movie.  Nothing would be naked enough to justify this movie.

It’s already considered to be dead in the water, but the level of horror at the atrociousness of this picture has been theatrical.  It has scored an incredible 5% at Rotten Tomatoes and Kristin Kreuk’s wooden acting does nothing for this turd.  Neal McDonough, Chris Klein and Michael Clarke Duncan all man the Failboat as well, and even for the deep hell that is videogame adaptations, this one outdoes itself in delivering the bad.

Of course, this movie has to draw comparisons to the first (?!) Street Fighter title, which starred Van Damme.  It was also horrible, but at least it was entertaining for kids – it did what an awful videogame movie is supposed to do: bring the stilted two-dimensional characters of the videogame to life in gloriously bad costumes on the big screen.  Of course, videogame characters rarely need to be brought to life.

Bartkowiak’s film even takes liberties with the history and story of the Street Fighter universe, and it does it poorly.  In trying to explain itself we miss out on valuable time for action.  Unfortunately in this movie, that sucks too.  At least Van Damme could actually perform a martial-arts stunt or two; these actors suck at fighting and acting.  I can’t tell if the editing is bad on purpose, or if it’s just desperately trying to make up for the lack of ability in the film’s stars.

Avoid this film at all costs – this is the epitome of a bad movie, and it fails in every aspect of its delivery.  It has no plot, no action and no attractive imagery. When the actors can actually manage to portray any emotion at all, they are visibly embarrassed to be in this movie.

Final score: F-

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