Strange Tales From…Earth!

Strange things happen in books, movies and other works but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Most people won’t believe this, of course we don’t have Godzilla running around killing people but things as outlandish as that do happen in reality. As they say, reality copies fiction or is it the other way around?

Modern Chivalry

One of the most difficult things in life might be getting a date with a person you like. People will go on great lengths to accomplish that but should there be a limit for how far they go? In Jonesboro, Arkansas, a man named Jeffery Tyler Siegel crossed that invisible line. He went so far off the limit to get the date that it involved lacerating himself. How does cutting oneself help get a date you ask? Well here’s how Jeffery’s story goes. As he was walking with the lady he fancied at a park, they got jumped by a thug and this thug said “You can leave buddy but the lady stays!”. Jeffery attacked the man and told his date to run away. During the attack Jeffrey was slashed twice by a knife before the attacker left. The police did a bit of investigating and found nothing. Jeffery confessed that it was all a scam to impress his date. When the date was approached by the media for a comment, she said that she won’t be talking to Jeffery any time soon.

Bleach as Medicine

A 20 year old man in Southern Florida, fed his 2 year old daughter bleach after a friend jokingly said that it would cure breathing problems. This didn’t end well for the father nor the child as it had to be rushed to the emergency right away. The father has been fined with $25 000 for child harm or stupidity.

Laundry Thief

After the financial crash of 2008, many citizens were angered that no the banking institutions behind the crash were punished. However the government did make one change for this institution because of their previous malpractices. They put in a law saying that if they had any employ with a criminal record of theft or fraud of any level that they were required to fire them. The first man to fall for this new law was Richard Eggers. Egger was a Well’s Fargo worker. His crime was trying to trick a Laundromat machine by putting a cardboard dime; unfortunately he was caught by camera and promptly fired by his company.

Those were a few tale of strangeness that happened during the last few months, something even stranger is probably happening right now.