Stop The World and Let Me Off

We keep spinning and spinning. It is interminable. We spin around on this globe, which itself is hurtling through the air spinning around the sun. The we have a sun which itself is not stationary, but spins its own course, with the other solar systems around the center of the Galaxy. This particular galaxy, our milky way, also rotates and moves toward some unseen end, farther and farther from its brother galaxies. Its all about spinning and movement with this universe. Constant and unstoppable.

So, what would happen if it all just stopped?

You have undoubtedly heard someone use the phrase, mentioned as the title, “Stop the world and let me off!” It is usually uttered in time of stress and literally means, “I want out of this situation!” Whatever situation that is the current stressor. But I believe that the stress would be amped unimaginably if the world really did stop in its rotation and let someone off at their command.

Why does the Earth rotate? I have read a lot on the issue and the consensus seems to be initial angular momentum. Now to explain that. Every body in the universe is spinning at some rate, or has some amount of angular momentum (six of one a half dozen of the other.) when our solar system was a dense, matter-packed cloud it had a very slow spin. However, as that cloud collapsed its spin increased. Why? Well lets take a simple example. A skater starts a spin with arms extended. This has a relatively slow spin rate, but as the skater (I would have used the pronoun she here, but that would have been sexist) raises their arms the rate of spin increases. When the arms are fully extended, the skater has reached aver quick maximum velocity. Okay back to the solar system as this dense, light year across cloud, with a slow rate of spin collapsed (i.e., the over all radius decreased) the spin of the individual bodies within it increased. And thus we have the very fast rate of spin of our Earth.

Another interesting fact is that the Earth continues to spin. Why doesn’t it stop the same way that spinning things cease here on Earth. In space there is very little resistance (we could say none, but that would probably be inaccurate.) So little resistance in fact as to be immeasurable. Therefore when something is set spinning, as was above explained, it has nothing to stop it. Here on Earth something would need constant encouragement to spin indefinitely. There would have to be some type of motor. In space you don’t have to have Atlas spinning the Earth like a basketball, and constantly resupplying the motive force. One initial push is enough.

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  1. Newton’s first low of motion is applied here to angular motion. It is an attempt to explain why there is an angular motion everywhere.Do you know Einstain treated a line as a part of circle with a radius of infinity.

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