Some Fun Stuff About Ron Paul

Why Some People Love Dr. No

Ron Paul is a unique brand of politician, in that he combines the roles of intelligent thinker and consistent doer. While a lot of politicians will do one or the other, often these roles run into conflict with one another. Paul’s belief in the Constitution and the democratic process have been so well documented that searching for him online uncovers a host of books he’s written about why he has so consistently voted in line with his beliefs. Many people consider Ron Paul to be an excellent candidate for the presidency, as he might do the politically unthinkable: promise something and then actually deliver it.

Many people are opposed to Paul’s hard line against illegal immigrants, and even his desire to revise the 14th amendment to remove the birthright citizenship granted to the children of illegal immigrants, but many other people believe such a policy would reduce the strains on the welfare system and other components of the national budget. With debates running hot on both the budgetary woes the United States is facing and the issue of what should be done with illegal immigrants, Paul’s views would seem to be as consistent as they are unyielding and tenacious.

The fact is, Ron Paul seems to be as staunch a supporter of the Constitution as a fundamental guiding document for this nation as anyone has been since the days of Thomas Jefferson. While the Constitution was written as a guide to informing how future laws should be written and carried out, many people do not take the firm stance that Paul does. Because of this stance, and the fact that he universally votes no when he believes that Constitutional mandates are being ignored, he is often referred to as Dr. No. While Ron Paul stickers do not always acknowledge this colorful nickname, they will often acknowledge the man as being all about making the United States into a more sensible and consistent place.

Whether you love Ron Paul’s opinions or despise them, most everyone has to admit that he is consistent. He was the only person in the Congress who voted against sending troops into Iraq, even back when the notion of getting revenge was extremely popular. Regardless of what the prevailing opinion might be on an issue, Paul’s opinion is infformed by his consideration of what the Constitution says on the topic. Love it or hate it, at least he’s consistent.