Some facts about Oxygen

Inhaling Oxygen right now, so is everyone else. Here are some facts on the element that we need to live.

– All forms of life need oxygen in one way or another. Animals, like us and plants too.

– If oxygen is everywhere why can’t we smell it ? taste it? see it? First of all it has no odor and it tastes like nothing and it is also colorless.

-Liquid and solid oxygen are pale blueish.

-Oxygen is a nonmetal ( poor electric conductors etc).

-Oxygen gas is a variant of Ozone, O2 and O3 is pure oxygen.

-Oxygen supports combustion.

– About 2/3 of the human body contains oxygen or cells with oxygen on them.

-Oxygen is responsible for the aurorasĀ  in the northern hemisphere.

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  1. This is quiet interesting information but I’m looking for serious but easy-to-write-down facts for a form 2(=
    Thanks for your help though

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