Some Facts about Dragonflies

The dragonfly, what cool name eh? Want to know more about these wonderful creature, here are some facts.

-Dragonflies are very common insect, if you live in with tree’s around.

-Dragonflies lay their eggs on water, the water can be dirty it doesn’t matter.

-Dragonflies aren’t born with their wings but as they through the process of metamorphosis, they get their wings.

-The dragonfly spends most of it’s life in the larvae stage, about 3 years. Then when it grows up and has wing it only lives for a few weeks.

-When you see a Dragonfly know that it’s hunting annoying mosquito’s.

-Dragonflies are one of the oldest species, still around. They existed at the dinosaur era. They haven’t had many changes, they only got a bit smaller.

-The dragonfly young, can hunt small fishes with it’s big spear like head.

-When you see two dragonflies chasing one another it means one male is chasing the other from it’s territory.

-The biggest fossil of a dragonfly, was one with a wingspan of five feet. Making it the biggest insect to ever live.

-Some people just get afraid around insects but Dragonflies cause no harm at all, they don’t bite or sting humans.

-Dragonfly has great big eyes unlike many other smaller insects.

-You can’t see it with your eyes but the dragonflies eyes has thousands of little lens on it.

-Dragonflies are one of the best animals adapted in the air, they eat the air and can fly at really fast speeds. They can hover move forward, backward, sideways.

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